More on Tony Martin & Iommi Solo

Tony Martin Not Out!: That’s right. Tony Martin is still “in” Black Sabbath. Pete Scott, the guy who runs the fan club spoke with Iommi recently, and he Iommi stated that he is definitely not “out”. Nothing’s been decided yet as to what is happening with Sabbath once Iommi’s solo project is done, but as of now, Martin is still in. I’m very much relieved. Sam Naugler got a personal letter from Tony Martin confirming this. If you’d like to read that, click here.
Tony Iommi Solo Update: Tony’s solo album is due to be recorded early in 1997, and he and Glenn Hughes have recorded 8 songs for a demo. Tony Iommi describes it as “different”. In addition to Glenn Hughes, Don Airey, Glenn Hughes, and Dave Holland have been involved in some capacity. According to Tony Martin, he will sing a track on the Iommi solo album as well. In addition, Tony Iommi made a one-off guest appearance at a Glenn Hughes solo gig in Wolverhampton on November 29th. Tony joined Glenn during the encore for one song only – the Seventh Star classic Heart Like A Wheel.
Bill Ward Solo Update: Bill Ward’s second solo album could possibly hit the streets sometime between March & May of 97. I’ve also heard (a rumour, mind you) that he has already begun work on his THIRD solo album while the second one is still not released.