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When I was going through my mail folders, I found the graphic shown to the right here. It’s an amusing ad for the Tony Iommi solo album (which is supposed to show up early in 2000). The ad is featured in the Ozzy Osbourne comic book published by Tom McFarlane (who also makes Ozzy’s action […]


Well, the August US dates are now over. Sabbath is "resting" until December, when the European dates are scheduled to begin. I don’t know what the guys are doing during this time, but I heard a rumour that this (almost) three month break could be used for recording. That’s not to say it will happen, […]


I spent a significant amount of time today updating several things that were sitting in my "Sabbath Site To do" mail folder. There’s a rather large list of what I did in the Revision History page.Check it out.


I’ve got the European Sabbath tour dates posted. As usual, do not email me asking about more tour dates. There aren’t any. If I had them, I’d post them!!


If you’re seeing this, then you’ve accessed my Black Sabbath site on it’s new server. This new server will allow me to reinstate several things that I had to pull offline due to space considerations. I’m going to wait just a little while longer for the entire net to move over to the new server, […]