Tony Iommi’s first solo album (aptly named "Iommi") finally has some movement in the way of news. Check it out:

  • Master Tape Delivered – After months of anticipation, the IOMMI album master tape has been delivered to Divine Recordings headquarters in Los Angeles. Street Date: October 10, 2000 and featuring Henry Rollins, Skin from Skunk Anansie, Dave Grohl, Philip Anselmo, Serj Tankian, Billy Corgan, Ian Astbury, Peter Steele, and Billy Idol. More news as it develops. Finally, IOMMI!!!
  • Track listing finalized – I’ve posted the entire track listing to the Iommi solo album page here on my web site, along with who is playing on what songs – check it out.
  • The album is due to street on October 10th.

I’ve heard one track – the track with the Pantera singer, and I have to say it sounds more like Pantera than an Iommi track. :) No cover art yet – once I find that, I’ll post it. Furthermore, I’ve not found anyone who is taking pre-orders online. Once I find that, I’ll be quick to post it.