On or about April 10th, Ozzy’s mother passed away. Ozzy had the following to say:

"Mum died of Diabetes and kidney problems. She went peacfully in her sleep, unlike dad who had cancer and died in pain. I’d been to see her a week before and she’s seemed fine. I never thought I’d be affected, I wasn’t affected when my dad died. But it’s different with mum, it knocks the stuffing out of me. I didn’t go to the funeral. They f*** me up to much. I’ve been to enough funerals to last a lifetime. It might have pushed me over the edge. I thought I was going nuts last year. I was driving around with spears. I was near the dark side. It was like I was waking up with the worlds worst hangover but I hadn’t had a drink. I’m glued together with medicaction. I’m on everything proper psychotic medication. If I don’t pop pills I lose it. I’m a f***ing nutter, I won’t last to 85."