Tony Martin’s Whole Lotta Metal

Tony Martin is doing a stage tour of the UK – the project is called “Whole Lotta Metal“. Here’s some info on it from a press release:

For the first time ever you can hear all of the songs that shaped the way rock music has evolved today. From the raw power and unforgettable riffs of LED ZEPPELIN to the huge anthems of WHITESNAKE and BON JOVI, Whole Lotta Metal will have you headbangin’ in the aisles from start to finish. Featuring some of the UK’s finest musicians, three Unbelievable singers and a breathtaking sound and light show, this is the most powerful rock show since the hey day of MONSTERS OF ROCK in the 80’s and early 90’s. In this modern era of processed, manufactured pop, WHOLE LOTTA METAL will remind you what it was really like to experience a live rock concert.

Tony isn’t the only singer, the other two are Carl Sentance & Matt Moreton. The other folks in the band are Andy Shortland (Guitar), Rich Lymn (Bass), Simon Wright (Keyboards – this isn’t the Dio drummer, it’s another chap), Karl Smalley (Drums), Dave Bishop (Guitar/Vocals). If you’d like to read more about the folks in the band, download this zip file. It contains a Microsoft Word document which has biography information on all these guys (this is the exact file sent to me by Tony Martin). It also contains tour dates, and some other information about the tour. I’m not over on that side of the pond; if I was, I’d check it out.
You can get more information on this tour from the official site at