Black Sabbath Radio Shows

As has been previously announced several times, Bill Ward does a monthly radio show out of Cerritas College in California called “Rock 50“. It was also recently announced that Tony Iommi will start doing a weekly radio show in England at Planet Rock. I was also just informed that there’s another one. Former Black Sabbath drummer Bev Bevan (from the Born Again Tour, as well as the Eternal Idol album, also well known from ELO) does a show as well. It’s on Saga 105.7 FM in the UK. Check out their website here.
In other Sab radio news, I was sent this small tidbit by Bill Ward’s people this morning..
Bill to guest on Tony Iommi¹s new radio show this Sunday
Planet Rock Radio
Sunday, December 18th
7:00 PM ­ 9:00 PM (GMT)/ 2:00 PM ­ 4:00 PM (EST)
Listen online at
Also available in the UK on DAB Digital Radio, Sky Channel 861, ntl channel 880, or Telewest channel 924
Finally, there’s also Rob Dwyer’s show at Heepster Radio. Rob runs the Sabbath site Sabbath Live, and he too has been doing an Internet based radio show about Black Sabbath since September. Here’s a few words from him about it.
Back in September, I began doing a weekly Internet Radio program at showcashing all Black Sabbath related last week. So far, this show has been most listened to program on our fledging station. Past shows have featured new music from Tony Martin and Ozzy, as well as special features about the SEVENTH STAR tour, the earliest known Sabbath live shows, a show dedicated to Ronnie James Dio and much, much more. I’ve also been sneaking in some rare, uncirculated cuts as a special thanks to my loyal listeners.
Update: I got an email from Rob Dwyer saying that his show has moved, it’s now located here.
So that’s plenty of Sabbath goodness on the radio (well, Internet radio, but still…), so you’ll want to check it all out.