Archives for December 2006

Dio Years New Track Information

Overnight some new information about the Dio Years disc has come to light, so we’ll get straight to it. The music site “Brave Words” has an article which has an interview with Tony Iommi by our old friend Martin Popoff. This is significant, because it names the three new tracks and gives a description of […]

Vinny Appice on new Sabbath Tracks

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they’re calling themselves “Heaven & Hell”. Sod that – it’s “Black Fucking Sabbath”, and they’re putting out new studio tracks. I’m all over that shit, especially considering this is the incarnation of Black Sabbath that was current when I started listening to them in 1981. Anyway, now that my excitement (and swearing) […]

Bill Ward Shoulda Changed the World

I’ve just posted an excerpt from a seriously good interview with Bill Ward sent to me by Joel Gausten. Joel has a book coming out in the fall of 2007 entitled “Albums that Shoulda Changed the World”. He has a very lengthy interview with Bill Ward in the book, but he’s been very gracious and […]

Old Born Again MTV Interview

Here’s some old footage – I remember seeing this when it was new. I was so excited for Born Again to come out at the time – it was the first “new” record Black Sabbath released after I started listening to ’em.

Bill Ward Speaks (sort of) on Heaven & Hell

A day or so ago, I was forwarded an email from a fan (thanks Stephan) which purported to be from Bill Ward talking about (or more to the point badmouthing) the Heaven & Hell reunion. Here is the text that appeared in said posting, which had appeared on the Dio Message Board, and the forum […]

Black Sabbath: The Dio Years in April?

Over the weekend, rumour started to spread that a release date has been chosen for the forthcoming Dio Years disc (now downgraded from a box set). That date is supposedly April 3, 2007 – roughly four months from now. I’ve tried to confirm that date with Iommi’s management, but cannot. I also cannot find solid […]