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Rules of Hell Winners

As promised the other day, here are the names of the winners of the RoH contest. These folks were automatically notified via email back on Tuesday, so they know about it already. Patrick Grimes Edward Burr “Doom Vez” (not his real name, but I don’t have the notes here with his real name) Patrick Sheehan […]

The Rules of Hell Box Set Review

Back in 2004, Black Sabbath released “Black Box”, the definitive remastering of the original eight studio albums with Ozzy. It was well received, and of course, after release, people’s attentions turned to what might come next. There was talk then of a “Black Box II” which would cover the Dio Years. Not much happened then […]

Win a free copy of the “Rules of Hell” Box set!

It’s giveaway time again! This coming Tuesday is the US release date for the Black Sabbath Box Set “The Rules of Hell”. If you’ve been living under a rock, then you don’t know this is the Dio era of Black Sabbath’s remastered box set offering. It contains the three studio albums Dio Sabbath released, plus […]

The Rules of Hell at Best Buy

I just found out today (thanks Steve) that there was a version of the forthcoming “Rules of Hell” box set being sold at Best Buy which is an “exclusive”. I was not aware of this happening, so I hit up my contact at Rhino for information. I was told there is indeed going to be […]