Archives for December 2008

Geezer Updates his Update

A couple of days ago, Geezer Butler posted a very short quick message to his website about the new album. Today he posted an additional update with further information about what’s going on. Here is what Geezer had to say: just to add to my previous statement, and to clarify, the basic tracks for the […]

New Album Update

Geezer Butler posted this very short, but very meaty line over on the journal page of his website Monday night. It says: finished the heaven and hell tracks today. videoing the making of tomorrow That’s some heavy news. Now whether Geezer means the tracks are all done, or just his bass bits are done is […]

2009 Tour Dates

A quick note. I am aware that a few festival dates in the summer have been announced I’ve been getting emails from people saing “Hey, you don’t have this gig”. I’m aware of them, folks. Just letting you know I plan on saying something about 2009 gigs when I get more than just a gig […]

Lynn Curlee Interview

Back in early 2007, I conducted a quick interview with Lynn Curlee. Lynn is the artist behind one of the more famous pieces of art in Black Sabbath lore. That being “Smoking Angels”, that is the cover of the 1980 album, “Heaven & Hell”. It was also used extensively for the 2007 tour behind “The […]

Who Put the Devil in Santa?

The Dark seems to stretch out forever And the cold soon gets to your bones You’d think he’d get tired of materialistic junk He has to sneak into peoples homes. While the people of the war torn desert Get nothing but wishes at best It seems Saint Nicholas only gets time to take Riches and […]