Archives for June 2009

Metalway Festival Cancellation Video

Thanks to Sab fan Carlos Martinez who sent in this video. It’s Ronnie talking to the audience at the Metalway Festival in Spain last night when the gig there was cancelled due to some severe back pain that Tony Iommi experienced right before going onstage. Make sure and click the “HQ” button on the player […]

Bible Black Fan Made Music Video

OK, when the new album came out earlier this month, I think a lot of us were excited to learn that there was going to be a new music video. The first “single” was going to be Bible Black, and we were getting a video for that. Then we found out it was going to […]

The Tony Martin Band to tour the USA

In a move I’ve hoped would happen for some time now, I got word from Tony Martin directly that his band will be touring the USA this summer in July and August. I’ve always wanted to see the TM band, and I’ll (hopefully) finally get the chance. The idea behind the tour is to celebrate […]

Heaven & Hell on German TV

I got an email from Sabbath fan Andreas telling me that the Jun 16th concert in Bonn Germany will be on German television on July 13th. Check out his email here: Hello Joe, I would like to inform you, that the concert of Heaven & Hell (live in Bonn, Germany, June 16th) will be on […]

Concert Reviews

Hey gang.. If you see Black Sabb— er, Heaven & Hell on one of the 2009 tour dates, make sure and submit a review. You can do that by visiting the individual page for that gig, and submit your review at the bottom. It would make it a lot easier on me to do that […]

Sabbath Fan Freakout Followup

Remember this guy? Well, if that’s you, Heaven & Hell wants to hear from you. The site also calls him a “Superfan”. I can’t say I agree with that terminology. I’d agree with “overly loud, borderline annoying fan that makes it uncomfortable to be a respectable metal fan” for sure. But not “superfan”. :)