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Black Sabbath (the album) turns 40 today!

    What is this that stands before me? Figure in black which points at me Turn around quick, and start to run Find out I’m the chosen one – Oh no! Thus starts the first song on the first album in a long line of albums by Black Sabbath. Oh, there were 18 studio […]

The Album Survivor Series

A few weeks back on the forums, I decided to revive an old game that was started initially some years ago by Sabbath forum member rossmosis. It’s “Black Sabbath Survivor”. Basically, we start with all the tracks, and you vote for your LEAST favorite. Each poll lasts a week, and at the end of the […]

Tony Iommi and Facebook

I got an email from someone at Iommi’s management team asking about Facebook. Turns out there’s someone on there who has created an account in Tony’s name, using a real looking Facebook URL. They wished it to be known that whoever has set that up was not Tony Iommi, or anyone involved with his management […]

Album #1 Turns 40 on Saturday!

If you are reading this site, then you probably already know about this, but it bears repeating. This coming Saturday, the original Black Sabbath album turns 40 years old! Originally released in the UK on Friday February 13, 1970, this seminal album in Rock (not just metal, but rock in general) will reach a milestone. […]

More Deluxe Edition Releases – Dio Era

As you probably know, there were several remasters released in 2009 from Sanctuary/Universal records in the UK. These were based off the original UK set of album masters (as opposed to the US/Warner set which resulted in Black Box & Rules of Hell). The first three Sabbath albums were released in multi disc format with […]