A Non Update Update

I’ve seen a lot of posts and messages asking for some sort of update on Tony Iommi.  Some of them beliggerant – that he “owes” Sabbath fans an update.    Bah.

I wanted to post this in response to all of that.  There is no update.  If you know anyone who has ever gone through cancer treatments, you should know what it does to them.  I’ve asked myself, and was told that Tony’s requested privacy on the matter of his cancer treatments.  Which is his right – it’s a private matter, and if he doesn’t want it to be discussed, he’s under no obligation to do so.

I’m sure many of you reading this message are suffering from some sort of personal health issue – and I doubt you’d want to blast it over the Internet, either.  There’s no update until such time that Tony decides there is an update.  It’s his cancer treatment, he can dictate how he wants that information disseminated.

There’s also no update on the Bill Ward situation, either.

When there is news on any front, you can be sure I’ll post it.  I know they continue to work on the music as Tony’s situation allows, but then you knew that already.  That’s not new news.

Hang in there – when there’s something to be told, it will be told.  Remember, if you have to ask if there’s news, there isn’t any.


  1. Ben Gonzales says

    I can see where the majority of fans ask and check because they genuinely care about Tony (and Bill).
    Too bad there are the belligerent ones who think that these human being’s absolutely live and breathe Sabbath. If I lived and breathed by own job, I would probably go nuts. And while there are no updates, I will ask that fans that do check this site for news, will also take a few minutes to check out the various features, pictures and many other things that this site has to offer. The band member timeline page is a wonderfully detailed piece of work. I have read through it at least a dozen times and I always seem to pick up something new. In this way, while we all wait for something good to happen, we can also view Sabbath history and celebrate the first and greatest heavy metal band of all time. If and when some viable information comes through, I am sure Joe Siegler will be the first to let us know.

    Ben Gonzales,
    Chandler AZ

  2. Well, like everyone else, I would love an update too, but I can understand why there wouldn’t be one for a while. I hope the Bill Ward situation reaches a positive resolution, but more importantly I hope that Mr. Tony Iommi is doing OK and that his treatments are killing the cancer and not him.
    If the only news available is that the album is still being worked on, then I will take that as good news because I would imagine that the work would come to a halt if things were taking a turn for the worse.


  4. In reference to the Non Update Update,

    There are a considerable amount of people that are irrational and on power trips at times.

    But, I do agree that the belligerent comments are not appropriate and should be criticized and denounced, but than again, this whole situation should be addressed in a proper manner.

    There are many people that are concerned about Tony Iommi and frustrated with the lack of information about his state of being, so be reasonable and considerate to other people as well.

    Although Tony Iommi has a right to his privacy, he is a public figure.

    It would be appropriate, considerate and responsible for him and or for somebody from his camp to give the fans a shout out once in a while. For example like Sharon Osbourne did when she briefly commented on Tony’s condition saying he is doing excellent.

    Most fans do not know Tony Iommi on a personal level.

    Heck, there are many fans that never even met him.

    But still, there are a lot of people that are truly concerned about him and want the truth and at the very least want a brief shout out once and a while about his state of being.

    Other than these methods there is basically noway of the fans finding out about his state of being.

    In reference to Tony doing a few shows in the very near future, I doubt this will happen.

    Obviously, Tony needs to take as much time as necessary to hopefully beat this cancer and to have a full proper recovery.

    To Mr. Tony Iommi,

    Good Luck Beating Cancer and for a Speedy Full Proper Recovery.

    As for the Bill Ward Situation,

    Without going into much detail and who may be right or wrong, this situation is absurd.

    If enough fans united and stated, and would follow through that contingent upon Tony beating cancer and having a full proper recovery, if we do not receive a new album and world tour from all 4 original members, which was presented and advertised and sold to the fans, media and public, we will boycott the new album and world tour.

    You most likely would see this situation properly resolved very quickly.

    Take Care, Stay Safe , Healthy and Strong,



  5. Fabio Guadagnuolo says

    I fully agree with you, Joe.

  6. Eric Dunn says

    Well said Joe. One sentence you said at the end of your post is testimony to why you manange one of the greatest band websites ever! _ “remember, if you have to ask if there is news, there isn’t any”. Thank you so much. In the not-too-distant future, I am going to contribute to this website, I would encourage all to do so if at all possible. Joe works very hard to run this site, and keeps us all up to speed. I come here everyday.

  7. The ONLY thing of any importance right now is Tony’s health. When he gets well (and I say ‘when” and not ‘if’ – power of positive thinking), then other things may come back into play, but for now it’s all irrelevant.

    And as far as updates? As Joe intimated – when there is news, we’ll get it. Tony’s personal health status is HIS business and his alone. He has no obligation to report anything to anyone. Get over it….

  8. First thought: you are correct on every topic you spoke about. Second thought: take a fucking Midol.

  9. Monte Self says

    Wow, I know I posted that I appreciate his updates and it really helps us fans to know how he is doing because of the obvious, I know he does NOT owe anyone updates but I do hope that he does keep us updated on how he is health wise, I myself worry the more time passes without any word, just by him posting a short “hey I’m doing ok” or “I lost another hair” can get me though a few weeks.

  10. tony if you per/chance manage to read this, my thoughts are with you.ronnie james is watching over you,god bless cant afford to lose you to

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