Quartz cover of “Heaven & Hell”

A week ago I got an email from one of the guys in Quartz about a video they posted from their reunion show late last year.  This one is their tribute to Dio, they played the track “Heaven & Hell”.  What’s interesting about that is that Geoff Nicholls was one of the originators of the song, and is generally accepted to have written the bass line for the song.  It’s an inconic track, and Quartz’ rendition of it is quite good.   Check it out below.  I also was told this about the possible future of Quartz..

Also hopefully Quartz will be doing a few more gigs and there is the possibility that they will appear at “Keep It True” Festival in Germany April 19th & 20th 2013


  1. I think the best covers I have heard of this song are the ones by-Stryper,Benedictum,and by (of course)the band-Dio(live).That song is one of the best songs,ever!Of course you have the 2007 version at Radio City Music Hall.I do not like the version on Live In Europe(2009).Ronnie did not use swear words when performing live until then.He said,”f— off ,I want to burn in hell with-you,you,you,and you.”That took me by surprise and I was shocked,never the less.

    I do not see the need to swear in songs.Yes,I say the cusswords time to time myself.But,I would make a point not to do it live or in songs.I think some do this in Rock,to show off.But,I must add no matter how depressing the song was,Sabbath has been positive.This is not counting the songs about drugs(of course).Geezer Butler is one of the greatest song writers ever.

    I am glad that the memory of Ronnie lives on.He had the best voice in Metal music.I will be sure to check this video performance out.I hope more people do a good job on this song.This song will live on forever.It will never die out.”It goes on and on and on and on and on.Heaven and Hell.I can tell.”(imitating the guitar and bass)”duh duh dunt dunna dunn!”

    I am signing off now.I am sure millions will continue to cover this song.

  2. Richard F. says

    Great tribute!

  3. fishtowner says

    That other guitarist looks like my grandfather. Seriously!

  4. Recorded at The Asylum in Brum I see. Been in there a few times. And rehearsed many times in the adjoining Madhouse rehearsal studios that also run the club. Good to see it.

  5. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised by the vocals. Some of the timing was off near the end, but I agree this was a REAL solid version!
    Great seeing Geoff on stage again.. although I still wish he was working with Tony and the boys right now.

  6. Quartz has “Mainline Riders”, it really sounds like “Heaven And Hell” but their song is from 1977.I think Quartz shuld be bigger, I hope they do some new stuff.

  7. Darren Joyce says

    Hi Quartz now have a Official facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/QuartzBackintheBand

  8. Thank you for the info,Niklas.I am no angel so if Ronnie cussed, I won’t judge him.There are many things that cause me to cuss.Things like human right abuses and capaitalism ,none the less.I get angry at things like- racism,bigotry,sexism,people with indifferent emotion,politicians,corrupt individuals in authority,crooked cops,extremists,terrorists,ungenerous rich people,and too many things to count.That is why we have the music of Sabbath.Sabbath adresses these things and informs you about the wicked people in society and the wicked one himself,Satan(may Allah curse him to Hell,forever)!

    I hope the post didn’t bother you.This is why I make every effort to not be overly preachy.I cuss daily at images of – Rush Limbaugh,Pat Robertson,Bin Laden,Hitler,Sean Hannity,President Obama,Ted Nugent(but,I love the music still),the police,and many more too numerous to list.I have much anger in me.I like to vent by cussing at nobody there in my home.Agressive therapy is awesome!It is the best in the world!

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