Happy Birthday Bill Ward!

Happy Birthday to the founding (and hopefully still future) drummer in Black Sabbath.


  1. http://Leonid says

    Happy birthday, Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. http://fishtowner says

    Happy birthday Bill. We love ya!

  3. http://mark says


  4. http://Ian says

    Amen to that- and many more.

  5. Congratulations to the one and only Black Sabbath drummer.

    See you on tour! an’ listen to you on the new BS album.


  6. http://Andreas%20Dimopoulos says

    Happy birthday bill…
    come to sabbath…

  7. http://Rob says

    Happy Birthday Bill. Please come back to Sabbath my friend. Much Respect ,Rob.

  8. http://Scotty%20of%20Como%20Park says

    What’s the point without Bill, looks like they may have to come up with another name for the band…

  9. http://cm says

    To quote the beatles “we still love you , we still need you now your sixty four ”

    happy birtthday nib

    Come back to Sabbath please , it won’t be the same without you .

    even though sabbath have had other quality drummers like bobby, vinnie & cosy ,you still the best

  10. http://dje says

    longue vie a cette legende du rock!!!

  11. http://fishtowner says

    Happy birthday Bill!….

  12. http://Richard%20F. says


  13. http://PANTRO says

    Happy birthday!! BILL WARD

  14. http://Nick says

    Happy Birthday Bill ….. and many more to come.

    Please do what you can to come back to Sabbath. If not good luck with whatever else you do.

  15. happy birthday bill ward! hope to see you all very soon! bye for now-thank you!

  16. http://bello says

    happy birthday from zurich (switzerland), i hope i can you see another time live,
    the last time was in 1978 at volkshaus zurich.

  17. http://Fabio%20Guadagnuolo says

    Late, but who cares, happy birthday!

  18. http://Israel%20Della%20Noce says

    I’m late but happy bithday Bill…one of the reasons I play drums. Hope to see and hear you soon.

  19. http://TomOzzy123 says

    Happy Birthday and many more to come…Look forward to seeing you on tour with Black Sabbath and the tracks you record on the new Sabbath album.

  20. http://Frank%20möller says


  21. http://Gojo says

    very best wishes Bill, you’re the man behind the barrels, the one and only. vinnie is great but first is first

  22. http://SVB2002 says

    Happy Birthday Bill!

  23. http://Jeff%20Downing says

    Happy birthday Bill! I’ve always recognized that the jazz swing and inventiveness in your playing was one the essential secret ingredients of the Black Sabbath sound. And I think “Swinging the Chain” has one of the best vocals of any Sabbath song, ever. May it be a great year for you! To your health and good fortune. Cheers! – Jeff D

  24. http://Perron%20Michel says

    Joyeux anniversaire pour un membre essentiel des Sab-four !!


  25. http://Alberto says

    Feliz cumple años Bill y por favor participa en el nuevo album de Black Sabbath y unete a la gira.Tu eres mi bateria y percusionista favorito desde que descubri tu sonido en cintas de cassete.tu sonido es esencial en la banda,si no estuvieras en el grupo me harias daño aunque acepta lo k te den aunque solo sea un 5% Alberto,Galicia(España).

  26. http://Craig says

    Happy Birthday Bill! Hope to see you on tour soon!

  27. http://alexis%20sayman says


  28. http://Armando says

    Happy Birthday, Bill the heavy metal pioneer!

  29. http://ed%20radulski says

    happy b day bill we need u ed

  30. http://Frank says

    Danke für Deine Musik Bill und viel Gesundheit für Dich!!! Hatte so gehofft Dich mit OTG in Dortmund zu sehen…

  31. http://Monte%20Self says

    Bills Birthday Show in 20 minutes ! on WPMD ! http://wpmd.org/

  32. http://Bob%20E says

    Happy Birthday and God Bless Bill! Thanks for sharing your musical gift with all of us, and for sharing your struggle to overcome drugs and alcohol. I’ve been in recovery myself now since ’85, thank God.

    Also, I hope you and the other lads will find a way to get through all the lawyer crap so that you can play together, enjoy yourselves and bless all of the fans. We love you guys.

    Bob E.

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