Forty Six Minutes!

A nice video – has forty six minutes of video from the Sydney concert the other night.   An interesting video, as it covers just about every song from the gig, but not all of the songs, obviously.  ;)


  1. A really well shot video, given that it essentially a bootleg.
    The good: Tony and Geezer, on fire as usual. The set list, pretty good, there will always be songs left off that each fan wants (Wheels of Confusion, A Spiral Architect, Sabbra Cadabra?), the set is pretty cool as well, fairly simple but very Sabbath.
    The bad: Ozzy. He can no longer sing. It will be interesting to see what voodoo that apply to his voice when the inevitable live album comes out. He is also a shoddy front man, the same old boring shtick and reading off the auto-cue.
    Do wish they would come to South Africa though.

  2. At this point i’m just happy Ozzy is still alive (Tony as well) to be able to sing. At 65 yrs of age i don’t expect him to be hopping around on stage or anything.

    The man should be dead about 5 times over after everything he’s indulged in over the years.

    Can’t wait for Sabbath to hit Seattle and LA!

  3. Joe Croce says

    He couldn’t sing on the Reunion album 15 years ago but that hasn’t stopped him. Tony and Geezer are still awesome.

    • Tim Zim North Conway, NH says

      Joe, u r killing me :), we will take what we can get as these guys are aging, at least we can see them live ( missing you Bill) (and R J Dio) will be in the pit at the Gorge Washington State with my son who is in college at CWU, and with my GF Meredith in Boston Comcast Center 7th row on the right!!! Can’t wait!!!

  4. MacGregor says

    It makes me wonder how people can judge a concert from this & other low quality footage, that sounds like it is coming out of a tiny transistor radio or similar! I have a critical ear & I know what sounds poor or out of tune or out of sync, or how bad a mix the band has at a concert. So do other rock music fans I know who have been following all these great bands since the late 1960’s! How many concerts we have been to over the decades from the greatest bands, also comes into the experience as well! Ozzy ‘s vocal performance at Brisbane was great. Electric Funeral was a little down vocally, but all the rest were of the songs wonderful! Other fans I was talking after the gig & reviews I have read said the same thing! At the ‘live’ concert he was bang on! Forget these z grade sound byte samples, that is never the way to judge sound from a live concert! The same positive comments have hailed from fans attending the Sydney gig as well!

  5. Jeff Downing says

    Doesn’t look like the tour is coming to Dallas unfortunately….er.

    Ozzy sounds ok on some, not so ok on others. But we all expect that by now. He slimmed up a lot. He is probably a little better that usual for the last decade or so. He does a hell of a lot better on some tracks like Under the Sun than he did at the shows last year. If he can hold up, he’ll probably have some really good nights. I’ve seen him with Sabbath like 6 times, and only once was he a completely non-functioning mess. Ha.
    Its probably a little difficult for him singing songs that were recorded in sttandard tuning, and also detuned three half steps, in the current tuning, which is detuned one half step. The funny thing is by now you’d think he could remember the fucking words without a prompter. hahaha. Anyway , he’s old. Cut him some slack. I think he has issues besided just self damage from booze and drugs. He’s trying hard for sure, and that is what wins the day.

  6. Horrible! How much I miss you Ronnie James!

  7. Ozzy is inaudible.
    voice weak

  8. has Brad Wilk got a headband on?
    did they tell him to dress like Bill?

  9. Jeff Downing says

    Forty not Fourty. ;)

    I do that myself sometimes!

  10. Did Tony s hair came back or does he wear a wig?

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