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Dio’s Magica Deluxe Edition Coming June 25

Just a tad over 13 years (has it been that long, really) the album “Magica” was released by Dio.  This album was a turning point in Dio’s career.  He had just come off a couple of albums with Tracy G, and to a lot of long time Dio fans, those albums didn’t sit well.  Not […]

“13” Listening Party Review

Earlier today, a private record label listening party happened out in the LA area.  I wasn’t invited (Waaaaah! – haha), nor do I personally know anyone who attended.  However…  We live in an age of the Internet and instant information, so you KNOW things would get out.   An hour or so ago, I got […]

Partial “13” Track Listing

Earlier today there was a private record company listening party for a very small group of people, and the couple of remarks I’ve read about it are very positive.  Hope to have some more detail shortly.  But what I am seeing is a listing of some track names. End of The Beginning (8:07) God is […]

Black Sabbath to appear on CSI

Geezer Butler posted this on Twitter & Facebook a short while ago.. I’ve seen almost every episode of CSI, so it’s cool to say I’m actually in the season finale! Black Sabbath will be playing a track from the new album; watch out for it! That’s pretty cool, and envokes the kind of promotion that […]

“13” Cover Art Revealed

They did it in the form of a Youtube video, which also has a snippet of one of the new songs playing in the background.   Check it out below: