Video from NY show on Monday

Short and sweet, you don’t want to read my blathering. Here’s video of the whole concert (from multiple sources) from Monday night, which kicks off this current (final?) leg of the 13 Tour.  Also, here is the setlist:

  1. War Pigs
  2. Into The Void
  3. Under The Sun/Every Day Comes And Goes 
  4. Snowblind 
  5. Age Of Reason 
  6. Black Sabbath 
  7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 
  8. N.I.B. 
  9. End Of The Beginning 
  10. Fairies Wear Boots 
  11. Rat Salad (with “Supernaut” instrumental and Drum Solo)
  12. Iron Man 
  13. God Is Dead? 
  14. Dirty Women 
  15. Children Of The Grave
  16. Paranoid (encore)

Black Sabbath Live 2013


  1. Ah,that was a better, more natural choice for a drum solo…any chance for a bootleg soon ? Or better yet, a new concert on DVD/Bluray for we,the masses ?

  2. Bryan Abner says

    Tony sounds like a monster on “Into The Void”. Ozzy, Geezer and Tommy all sound tight!

  3. Joe…was at the show. First time at barclays Center…Sound there is not impressive. If you are on the sides in level 2 (that is where I was)…the sound is not that good and you cannot see the video screens. Tony’s leads were drowned out from the side….again much crisper sounding from head on. Ozzy’s voice was very good at first…..but putting Dirty Women and Children of the Grave back to back at the end of the set took a toll on his voice a bit. Tough for him to sing those back to back. If anyone is going to Barclays for a concert in the future, be sure you have seats head on with the stage, it was much better sounding there.

  4. Chad Hallman says

    Ozzy certainly sounds better than last years tour! He was singing in key and right on time . I’m sure praying that there will be a follow up to “13” !

  5. Eric Chiasson says

    Saw them yesterday (April 4th) in Halifax & what an awesome!!! The band was on fire. Ozzy was energetic on the ball. By Children of the Grave his voice gave out a little but, still, I thought he sounded even better then last summer in Mansfield. If this the last Black Sabbath show I got to see then it one hell of a show!

  6. SCORPIONSS says



  7. Thanks for this post, now my question. Does anybody know why Sabbath does not play the full version of Under the Sun/Everyday Comes and Goes. I was disappointed just a little in Vegas last September when they did not play the closing part of the song again just a little disappointed when they did not play that part on the DVD and still they do not play it. Is there any reason for that?

    • Bill Jones says

      My guess is that it’s because that track is not too well-known to the non-diehards who just want to hear the greatest hits that they know from the radio and the better-known albums, and so would probably grow impatient and lose their enthusiasm a bit. Dirty Women was always a surprising choice as well, I thought, but I sure as hell am glad Tony has maintained that in their set list over the years. And I know Tony loves playing that outro solo as much as I love hearing it with the headphones on…

      • Kareem Badr says

        God, I think it’s a real shame the band doesn’t play the outro instrumental to that. It would crush in concert.

        *My* assumption is that the band never actually considered them to be one song, and it’s just a result of production that mashes them together. But I still maintain that it wouldn’t take much for them to play it live, since it involves no vocals and the band could just jam through it.

  8. George B. says

    I’m disappointed in the fact that the band is playing the same set as before. They had 3 months off from their last show. they could have rehearsed some different songs to put into the set. “Wheels Of Confusion” (which they played back in 2012) being one of them. Even if they change one song every night, just to mix it up a bit, would be nice.

    • If you’ve been paying attention to their set lists since 1997, you’ll see that kind of thing isn’t done. Once they set it, it doesn’t change much.

      • Brian Metcalfe says

        Sorry to see Loner is not there, it quickly turned into one of my all time favorites truly enjoyed on the new DVD Loner reminds of someone I used to know not bad for a new track Black Sabbath 4ever

        • MacGregor says

          It is one year ago that Sabbath commenced their world tour in support of ’13’ & Age of Reason wasn’t played here in Oz, not in Brisbane anyway from my memory! ‘Symptom’ was the intro to the drum solo & what a killer riff that is, I am glad they did that for 90 seconds or so, that Sabotage classic!. Mind you Supernaut is a killer riff also!
          The track Loner was played in Melbourne of course, at one of the gigs, I think it replaced Under The Sun maybe, I could be wrong! Under The Sun was the tip on the iceberg for me at Brisbane, mind blowing! The song they should replace for every gig is Dirty Women, it isn’t a bad song, but it is average considering there are so many better songs that they don’t play!

  9. Ozzy Sounds great!! Everyone else sounds great too!! Too bad we will miss the shows in the Midwest. Have fun and get home safe, you’re all still rocking the hell out of us!!

  10. MacGregor says

    I don’t think they played Rat Salad here in Oz either. There have been a few changes, at least from 12 months ago!

  11. ScreamingDOug says

    Thanks Joe – as always you rock! Sabbath does sound good – nice to know the Oz man still has it!

  12. You must have heard the expression, ‘beating a dead horse’? Nostalgia, best wishes, THE FINAL CRACK, etc. I’m sorry, but Ozzy is horrible live. Has been since…well, since the start, really. I kinda see this tour in the same fashion as watching Flair, Hogan, etc in wrestling. The name makes the draw, but the actual performance is awful. I’ve said it before. Get rid of Ozzy and bring back Tony Martin. Crebility will always be better than nostalgia.

    • Robert Cam says

      Ozzy is not a vocalist… He is a show man… and he is great as a show man…
      I think we should respect his making efforts during this tour…

      Long Live Sabbath and Ozzy… We have to bear in mind that Iron Man will always be there keeping the flame burning… Long live Tony Iommi…!!!!

      Peace and Love…!!!

  13. its obvious you do not have any taste in music making that statement about sabbath, very sad

  14. Sabbath make fantastic music, in any incarnation. Really. But the fact is, Ozzy has been horrible for decades now. The last half-decent performance was on the ‘Live And Loud’ release. I’ve never understood the obsession with ‘Ozzy is god’, and what not. I’ve seen better singers/and performers in local pubs. If swearing and throwing buckets of water is an indicator of talent, then fair enough. But it isn’t. Musically, the band are fantastic, with Geezer and Tony playing better than ever. But if a singer performed so badly, even in a local pub, they’d be booed or bottled. I understand loyalty to such an inspirational band, absolutely. But they need to quit now, or fire Ozzy – it is just a nostalgia, last ride affair. I grew up on Sabbath, and have been a fan for 25 years. I’m just being honest. Watch the above videos, and then watch Radio City. I’m not getting into the whole Ozzy vs Dio argument, but it can’t be disputed that Dio was fantastic live, and Ozzy is simply rubbish. The longer this continues, it’ll be what Sabbath, and Ozzy, are remembered for.

    • Robert Cam says

      Ozzy is a show man and Dio is an excellent singer… that’s all…
      and Sabbath is Iommi and Iommi is Sabbath…!!!

      Peace and Love…!!!

      • @ Rob

        Hey Rob. I know what your getting at, but you go to a gig to see talented musicians/singers play. Well, I might add. Ozzy is forgiven practically anything just because he’s Ozzy. It’s like, you see all these reality people who are famous for being famous’ sake. To me, it’s the same with Ozzy in the metal world. He gets a massive cheer for being…Ozzy. Now, I’m not knocking his contribution to the seventies, eighties, and early nineties. But Ozzy on stage these days, it’s like watching your granddad dancing drunk at a family wedding. He gets a massive cheer, an, ‘Aw. Bless’, and then is guided back to his seat next to grandma. I’m sorry, but quality over showmanship everyday. Ozzy is loved for who he was, but now is past repair.

  15. Robert Cam says

    I’m so happy to see Tony playing fantastically well and in good health state. And the journey through Heaven and Hell seems to last forever….

    God Bless Tony, Ozzy and Butler…!!!

    Peace and love…!!!

  16. Overall on average the shows on this Tour have been fairly solid and range from good to very good. With that being said, they need to make some changes with their setlist. It would be refreshing, interesting, intriguing, appreciated, welcomed and enjoyed if the setlist was way more diverse. For example ad songs like, Killing Yourself to Live, Juniors Eyes, You Won’t Change Me, Warning, The Wizard, Johnny Blade, The Writ, Air Dance, Sabbra Cadabra, She’s Gone, Air Dance, Changes, Megalomania, etc,etc.

    I have been a guitar player for 40 plus years and Tony Iommi is my favorite guitar player. Obviously Tony is a Great writer and one hell of a guitar player. But, not for nothing, he should refresh, renew and ad more to the lead parts of certain songs, for example, War Pigs, Iron Man, NIB, Farries Wear Boots, etc.

    For instance look what Warren Haynes of Gov’t Mule ads to the lead parts of the song War Pigs.

    Subject matter, the Keyboardist Adam Wakeman, have this man onstage already. Adam Wakeman Son of the Great Rick Wakeman of the Great Legendary band YES. Excellent musician, Superb piano and keyboard player, multi talented, music director, guitar player, etc. Would love to see him do a Keyboard solo along with playing material his father contributed to on the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Album.

    The drummer Tommy Clufetus, at the very least if not better, a very good drummer and in excellent condition and overall does a good to very good job even though his style of drumming on average is in the direction of typical Heavy Metal Drumming.

    No lack of appreciation or respect for Mr. Clufetus, but of course he’s not Mr. Bill Ward.

    Also would be interesting and enjoyable to see and their not spring chickens either, but both are in very good shape. The Great Mr. Carl Palmer 64 years young or the Great Mr. Carmine Appice on the drum stool. Carmine recovered from his shoulder surgery and his drumming is kick ass and superb once again and he is 67 years young.

    With that being said though, love Bill Ward, Great, very unique, diverse Hard Rock drummer. But Bill is 65 years old, previously had a heart attack, has other health issues and a lot of Sabbaths songs are very physically enduring, challenging and demanding. Obviously he would have to be in very good to excellent shape to play multiple 2 plus hour shows and play at a very high quality level with all the fills and nuances, tastefulness a long with his powerhouse drumming with that bluesy, jazzy, big band swing influence that he had put into those Sabbath Songs and played like that live many times in the past.

    Ozzy actually overall is a great showman and for the mature, sensible, knowledgeable, responsible, honest and unbiased fans/musicians and critics we know Ozzy overall is much better of a singer / Belta than a considerable amount of people give him credit for.

    Ronnie Jame Dio RIP and Mario Lanza RIP, Enrico Caruso RIP are my favorite singers. Great multi talented singers, performers, musicians, nobody will ever sing better than these three extremely gifted people.

    Ironically, Mario Lanza was Ronnie James Dios first vocal influence a long with Enrico Caruso.

    Mario Lanza is held in high regard and respect by Ronnie Jame Dio and is one of his mentors and favorite singers.

    Check out this video clip, Dio talking with Eric Blair in reference to this

    Learn and Enjoy, Stay Healthy, Safe and Strong.

    Take care, Bye.

  17. I’ll admit, I am dubious about Ozzy’s vocals these days. However, they all sound fucking great here. Really good groove on Into the Void (one of my faves.) It will be seriously depressing if they all pack it in after the Hyde Park show. I think they are in better form here than the DVD they put out a few months ago.

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