Tony Iommi & CSI

If you remember, there was some promotion with the CBS TV show, CSI where Black Sabbath played (mimed) in the episode, and Ozzy had a short speaking role.  Anyway, they must have remembered this, as Tony Iommi recently announced that a short music composition of his will appear in the November 9th episode of the series.   Make sure and check it out when it airs in a week and a half or so.  :)

Originally, Tony announced it as this Sunday, November 2nd, but it was changed to November 9th.   Here is Tony’s complete announcement:

People have been asking what exactly I’m doing at the moment, we’ll I’m getting back in the studio having tried to make myself rest after the tours.  I’m writing, mostly just putting ideas down rather than complete songs. I like to create all sorts of moods with my music and then decide later how they might be used.

One specific piece though is for the CSI TV series that will be aired in the US on November 2nd. I was asked if I’d be interested so I had a look at the footage and came up with an idea they seemed to like. It’s not very long but it was different working with images rather than just music, I’d certainly be up for doing more.

UPDATE:  After posting this story, the episode with my music has been changed to November 9th.  Here is the update we received from the show’s producer:

“Due to an NFL football game Sunday that went long, they pushed our schedule a week later. No big deal but the show airs Nov 9th here in the states.”


  1. Robert Cam says

    Long live Mr. Iron Man…
    Thanks for making me a Black Sabbath fan…
    God Bless Black Sabbath and Us all…!!!

    Robert Cam from Brazil…

  2. Well recently announced by Tony’s fb its bumped back another week and will air on November 16th.

  3. How nice…

    I’m sure a very talented Jazz drummer would like to support the band in their future efforts to create what shouldn’t be called ‘15’!

    Don’t get me wrong…he’s not an oldstyle jazzer. He’s a powerful and versatile pro who would surely love to record and tour with Sabbath. His name is believe it or not ‘Billy Ward’. Just find him on youtube. You’ll love his drumming. He wouldn’t Need to mimic Bill Ward like Brad Wilk did. He’s already got the swing.

  4. Does anybody know at what point time wise Tony’s music was used?

  5. Another Ancient Warrior says

    Hmm; a whole lotta ANCIENT Rockers tend to wind things down, as they verge on Tone’s age, but not OUR TONE!! In spite of that very DANGEROUS NHL (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma), he takes “one more chance in the Danger Zone”, and takes his life in another vital and unexpected direction, earns an Honorary Ph.D. at Coventry University, and, low and behold, he becomes a full-fledged Professor and active faculty member, at that selfsame University! I wonder how he’d look, wearing worn-out tweeds, with a big meerschaum–instead of a chillum(Laughs!!)–hanging from the corner of his mouth?? I wonder how toughly he grades his students?

    Have any of you heard The Professor speak, as well as his majestic guitar work? I think, with that mellifluous baritone voice, they ought to let him act, too! And he always has intelligent ans prescient things to say. He ought to do some narration work for rock ‘n’ roll documentaries. He likes to write, so, he could write his own scripts for those programmes, as well.

    Of course, we should call him, “The Professor”, from here on out. Then, the only accolade remaining for our hero, is to then call him, “The Black Knight”, after his Queen taps him on his shoulders, with her sabre, as Her Majesty pronounces him Sir Anthony Francis (or, is it Frank, Franklin, Francisco, or Franco? I’ve heard all of these variations.) Iommi!!

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