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Geezer Butler Arrested

… for a bar brawl of all things.   Ol guy’s still got it in him, eh?

Randy Rhoads Tribute CD

Caught news of this a few days ago, and realized I forgot to post it, so here I am.  There’s a Randy Rhoads tribute CD coming out next month, and it looks to be interesting.  It doesn’t have Zakk Wylde on it, which is a little bit of a surprise, but overall, I like the […]

Tony Iommi issues Cancer Update

My first news story of the year is one that talks about a not fun subject at all.  Tony Iommi’s cancer. While I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and requests (and even DEMANDS, if you can believe that) for Tony to record, tour, basically do the same thing as he’s always done..   This […]