RIP Geoff Nicholls

Rest in Peace Geoff Nicholls, a long time member of Black Sabbath having been there for roughly 25 years, and appeared on NUMEROUS albums.

Tony Iommi posted this earlier today:

RIP Geoff Nicholls. While I never met the man face to face, we had numerous email conversations, and was always generous with his time and knowledge. He was in Sabbath for a LONG time, and saw a lot.

While he was rarely “out front” with Black Sabbath, he was an integral part for a LONG time. Was there starting in 1979 during the creation of the Heaven & Hell album with Dio and Bill Ward through the Ozzfest 2004 tour. Geoff saw it all, and for staying there all the time, he gets this fan’s “horns”.

I’ve known about his cancer for awhile, Geoff and I would regularly communicate about various matters. Other than Tony, who else to ask about some of the obscure/dark places in Black Sabbath’s history? Geoff saw almost all of it. He asked me not to tell people about it, which I respected. When I met Tony last fall we talked about Geoff, and Tony told me Geoff was trying some sort of “experimental treatment”, which is never a good phrase to hear when dealing with cancer treatments. I suspected this would happen, but hoped otherwise.

Geoff was always nice to me, I’ll miss him.

Geoff Nicholls

P.S. Additionally, today is the anniversary of the release of the Seventh Star album, one Geoff had a lot to do with.



  1. This news ruined my day, RIP Geoff Nicholls, we will always remember you.

  2. Azz McMahon says

    I just read the news on Tony Martin’s facebook page. Geoff was an influence on my own synth playing and it saddens me that a stalwart of the Sabbath camp has passed away.

    R.I.P. Geoff and thanks for all the years of great music.

  3. Sad time for Geoff & his family & close friends. Vale Geoff Nicholls & I always enjoyed his influence on Sabbath with iommi at the helm! He really fitted in so well & seemed to know what to do, so to speak! Always loved his playing & on the Tyr album, well enough said! A cold wind for Valhalla! RIP.

  4. Craig Keeton says

    Oh man. My heart hurts. For fans of Sabbath’s later work, Geoff’s contributions are integral to the sound. Rest in Peace.

  5. Very sad news, RIP in Geoff

  6. Very sad. This and John Wetton have been tough blows.

  7. Dylan(Abdullah Rashad Dawood)Main says

    What sad news to hear.I enjoyed all of his keyboard notes in Sabbath songs.Some of my favorite albums had him on it.I do wish they would have made him a full member and let him be seen on stage(being serious here).He deserves credit for the work he put in.Let us remember- Geoff,Ray Gillen,Cozy Powell,and Ronnie James Dio.Condolences to all family members,friends,bandmates and all who worked with him.

  8. Why was Geoff Nicholls never an official member?!
    Many contributions from the man

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