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Bill Ward is selling a lot of his old drum kit and merchandise going way way back.  Some of it pre-dating even Black Sabbath to his then band Mythology.   There’s not a lot of sell here to make – that’s the extent of the story. haha.  Anyway, check out the stuff at this link:

There’s also a video below – which is quite good – showing Bill talking about various pieces available, and his hopes for the destinations of some of the equipment.


  1. Geoff Thompson says

    Ugh. I was excited about this until I saw the prices.
    I dont have Accountable Beasts yet, and an autographed copy would be cool. However $65 US is more then I paid for the Sabbath EP with Ozzy, Tony and geezer signing. $65 US is like $80 or more canadian. THEN shipping. Hmm from Chicago area to Toronto.. should be ablout $5us postage. Nope. $52 US! Thats some handling fee! Geesh!!! so all in $117US for a CD.

    Keep your merch Bill.
    i can see high prices for one of a kind stuff.. but a signed copy of his current CD is not that..

    • For quite some time, I have bemoaned the fact that the Accountable Beasts CD was out-of-print a mere four months (!) after its release. I really wanted to buy it but it has since only been available digitally on iTunes – a format I do not use. I was very frustrated by the rationale behind this work being now only made available on that single format – the one format where people most actively go elsewhere to get music for free – while the people who are actually willing to pay for a CD (or more, still) are left with no options. One can say that nobody buys CDs anymore – but they surely won’t if the CDs are not even for sale, will they? Some people should take the time to go and read the philosophy of PledgeMusic. It says something about a huge percentage of fans being “super-fans” who are willing to spend much more on things than simply the lowest-priced offering – so why would artists still insist on having ONLY the lowest-priced offering available to fans? It’s an inspirational read, if you have the time. Back to Accountable Beasts… apparently SOMEBODY thought that selling this CD was a good idea because counterfeit versions from the Russian Federation are now widely available. I sure wish Bill Ward would be profiting from the CD sales but he is obviously not because his people do not offer this product. If they did, there would be no need for counterfeit versions in the marketplace, would there? So, if you are a CD collector, you are faced with an ugly dilemma. One option is that you can buy the CD product you want from one who is actually willing to supply it and, even though it’d be hard to argue that they are stealing sales from an entity which is not even selling this product, you still know piracy is unethical and goes against the principle of keeping music alive by supporting the artists for their work. The other option is that you buy the album on iTunes to support the artist, even though you will never listen to the digital file, actually justifying and rewarding the very rationale which would not allow you to purchase the CD ligitimately – and you’re still left without the CD you wanted to buy in the first place. Perhaps still another option would be to buy the godforsaken pirate CD and then head over to Bill Ward’s merch store (where the CDs used to be available) and buy a couple of T-shirts to thank and compensate him for his fine work – oh, the T-shirts are not available there anymore either. Damn, now I just don’t know what to think. Uhh.. has anyone seen the PledgeMusic page for the Appice Brothers’ new CD? It has CD, digital, T-shirt, autographed items, memorabilia, and lots more. I bought some stuff there. Too bad about the Accountable beasts CD, though.

      • Geoff Thompson says

        I agree with you fully. I will listen to music only on CD. I buy lots of CDs including many I havent even opened. But they all do get played sooner or later. Any downloaded files would be a waste as I do not listen to them. I want physical media.
        You are spot on. And yes, I would rather buy a slightly bootlegged version of an album on CD if there is no legitimate official release available by the artist.

        Two of my rarest CDs I was lucky enough to get was the first Tony Martin solo cd and the Ward One: Along the Way cd. Two very tough to find ones!

  2. Dylan(Abdullah) Main says

    Bill needs to boogie on giving us another solo album and show the world how he still has it,man.

  3. Love Bills drumming to this day,it is not Black Sabbath without Bill Ward someone should remind Ozzy I understand that Bill is just a vocalist like Ozzy on his solo material and someone else drums.Bill Ward and Black Sabbath 4ever

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