1986 Metal Mix Tape

When I started this new site format, one of the things I intended on doing was putting a few more personal kinds of posts on here.  Ones that have some sort of relevance to the site.  That’s what this is.   A non Sabbath post that I thought would be of interest. Anyway, tonight I […]

Fans irritate me sometimes

Generally, I don’t go off on stupid things people say, but sometimes it just irritates the heck out of me.  Take this for example.  About half an hour ago or so, I posted the story about Sabbath playing a lone gig in the US in August.  Given the state of Tony Iommi’s health, one would […]

Thoughts about Current Events [ UPDATED 2 ]

A week or so ago when Bill Ward dropped that bombshell online about his contract situation and the Black Sabbath reunion, I was privy to it about 5 minutes before it was put online.  As you probably remember, I handle Bill’s website, and his manager sent me that, asked me to put it on his […]

Collectorz Music Catalogue Software

Early on in this site’s life, I was called a “data crazed fanatic completist” by someone reviewing my site. That’s one of the more inventive things I’ve been called, so that phrase has always appeared on the site since I first heard it. It’s part of the reason why I was driven to make sure […]

The Last time I met Ronnie

When Ronnie James Dio died in 2010, I was reminded a lot of the two times I met him face to face. Both were backstage after Heaven & Hell concerts. The first was 2007, and I’ve chronicled that story on this site already, you can read that here.   I never wrote about the second […]

Random Tour Note

When putting this new version of the site together, I ran across this text – it used to appear on the 2001 Tour page.  It was relevant at the time, because I had someone who had gotten right pissed off at me for the 1999 tour when I didn’t have updated info as fast as […]

Jamie Mallender’s “Return to Bass” Review

“A one finger answer to a music industry that needs a good old shake by the throat!” When I first agreed to review this, I did it because Jamie’s a friend, and I wanted to help promote his album. Then after I did that, I thought “There aren’t a lot of instrumental bass driven albums”, […]

About Me

As several of you know, in late May I lost my job (which I held since Dec of 1992). Six days after that, my son was born. You would think that the extra free time would mean the site would be more updated. But I have to say, I’ve not felt like doing much of […]

On my way back

Hey gang. Sorry I’ve been gone, but losing your job is not a fun thing to deal with. Yesterday was a good day, and today is better. I had a job interview yesterday that seemed to go well, so hopefully that pans out. But today my son is being born. I leave for the hospital […]

Taking a short break

I was planning on doing this when my son was born in three weeks, but… I found out yesterday that my job I had for the last 16 and a half years is going away. Not just me, but the whole company I was working for. Done – for those of you that didn’t know, […]

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