Fans irritate me sometimes

Generally, I don’t go off on stupid things people say, but sometimes it just irritates the heck out of me.  Take this for example.  About half an hour ago or so, I posted the story about Sabbath playing a lone gig in the US in August.  Given the state of Tony Iommi’s health, one would […]

Thoughts about Current Events [ UPDATED 2 ]

A week or so ago when Bill Ward dropped that bombshell online about his contract situation and the Black Sabbath reunion, I was privy to it about 5 minutes before it was put online.  As you probably remember, I handle Bill’s website, and his manager sent me that, asked me to put it on his […]

Collectorz Music Catalogue Software

Early on in this site’s life, I was called a “data crazed fanatic completist” by someone reviewing my site. That’s one of the more inventive things I’ve been called, so that phrase has always appeared on the site since I first heard it. It’s part of the reason why I was driven to make sure […]

The Last time I met Ronnie

When Ronnie James Dio died in 2010, I was reminded a lot of the two times I met him face to face. Both were backstage after Heaven & Hell concerts. The first was 2007, and I’ve chronicled that story on this site already, you can read that here.   I never wrote about the second […]

Random Tour Note

When putting this new version of the site together, I ran across this text – it used to appear on the 2001 Tour page.  It was relevant at the time, because I had someone who had gotten right pissed off at me for the 1999 tour when I didn’t have updated info as fast as […]

Jamie Mallender’s “Return to Bass” Review

“A one finger answer to a music industry that needs a good old shake by the throat!” When I first agreed to review this, I did it because Jamie’s a friend, and I wanted to help promote his album. Then after I did that, I thought “There aren’t a lot of instrumental bass driven albums”, […]

About Me

As several of you know, in late May I lost my job (which I held since Dec of 1992). Six days after that, my son was born. You would think that the extra free time would mean the site would be more updated. But I have to say, I’ve not felt like doing much of […]

On my way back

Hey gang. Sorry I’ve been gone, but losing your job is not a fun thing to deal with. Yesterday was a good day, and today is better. I had a job interview yesterday that seemed to go well, so hopefully that pans out. But today my son is being born. I leave for the hospital […]

Taking a short break

I was planning on doing this when my son was born in three weeks, but… I found out yesterday that my job I had for the last 16 and a half years is going away. Not just me, but the whole company I was working for. Done – for those of you that didn’t know, […]

Selling some of my merchandise stash

Hey gang. As some of you may know, my wife and I are going to be welcoming our second child, and my first son into the world this June. To that, I’m having to clean out my home office, as this will become the kid’s room. Some of the stuff I’ve been sitting on for […]

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