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I was fairly confused yesterday afternoon as to which of the remaining 6 announced dates were to be cancelled, and which were to be rescheduled (the reason for this is that the Sony site said that the remaining 5 dates were to be cancelled, and there were 6). Anyways, the remark on their site was […]


I was sent this link by two folks in Sweden last night. It’s in Swedish, so I couldn’t immediately translate it, which is why I waited until now to post this. In short, it proports that Tony Iommi is engaged to one of the girls from Drain STH. I have no idea whether or not […]


I’m also hearing some rumours about Sabbath and Ozzfest ’99. For now, that’s all they are. Rumours. My gut feeling says that this probably won’t happen. Given all the recent health problems, I’d be surprised if Oz tries to go out on tour at all in the near future.


Found this text on the Sony Black Sabbath site.. Once I hear more, I’ll post it. "Under strict orders from Ozzy’s doctors the final five shows of the Black Sabbath 1999 Reunion Tour have been postponed. The rescheduled dates have yet to be confirmed but they will take place sometime in May or June. As […]