This past week Tony Iommi appeared on KNAC radio in Los Angeles, and answered a bunch of questions from one of the staffers there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Mike Stark, who probably would have been a better interviewer. Why is it that when someone interviews one of the Sabbath members, they ask the same lame ass questions? That time could have been used for more interesting things.

Anyway, a couple of facts did come out of that interview regarding Tony’s solo album.

  1. The name of the album is simply "Iommi".
  2. It will be released in September/October
  3. A list of singers on the album (off the top of my head, I remember the Pantera guy, Henry Rollins, the guy from Foo Fighters, & Billy Idol).
  4. Tony doesn’t have any current plans to collaborate with Tony Martin again.
  5. It will be released on Divine Recordings.
  6. My site wasn’t mentioned. :) (That is a joke for those of you reading this who are impaired in the humour dept)

If you go to the Divine Recordings Web site, there is an extremely small piece on Iommi. There’s nothing there that hasn’t been said a million times elsewhere already, but I suspect that is where there will be more info once the time comes for info to be released.