Archives for December 2003

Ozzy Injured in Accident

Ozzy Osbourne was injured yesterday in an all terrain vehichle accident at his estate in England. In short, he crashed and got pretty injured. He has a broken collarbone, six broken ribs, & a broken vertebrae in his neck. None of this is considered to be life threatening. He’s undergone some emergency surgery, and is […]

Ozzy Voted Most Bizarre

The Major League Baseball site recently ran their best of 2003 awards. Visitors to the site voted on them, and Ozzy Osbourne was voted the winner in the “Most bizarre moment” for his rendition of “Take me out to the Ballgame” in Chicago this past summer. Normally I wouldn’t report on something like this, but […]

New Dario Mollo Album

Who’s that? Well, Dario Mollo is a guitarist who has worked on a couple of discs over the last few years with Tony Martin – these are the “Cage” projects. They’ve been quote good, and I just discovered over the weekend that he’s finishing up a new album that ties his connection with Sabbath a […]