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Ozzy’s New Box Set – Details Released

As you may or may not know, Ozzy has a 4 CD box set coming out early next year. Titled “Bible of Ozz”, this 4 CD set covers all of Ozzy’s solo band, and surprinsingly no Black Sabbath songs (save for that cover he did of Changes with his daughter Kelly). This covers all the […]

Sabbath Crosses

Back in late July, Blackstar Productions in Argentina sent me a copy of their Black Sabbath tribute CD called “Sabbath Crosses”. I haven’t had a chance to give it a proper listen until now (for that Fernando, I’m sorry). I shouldn’t have waited so long, it’s a wonderful CD! I’m here with a track by […]

Tony Iommi & Jethro Tull

Back in 1969 befre Sabbath released their first album, Tony Iommi was briefly in Jethro Tull. It didn’t work out, but during that time, Tony made an appearance that was recorded and was used in the “Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus”. Well, that has been released on DVD now. If you’re interested, has […]

Some Backstage Information

Got a pretty good link via email today. It’s the tour rider information for Black Sabbath. You can see what each of the Sabs had for their dinner order, as well as what drinks were in their rooms. Ozzy has more than one dressing room (including provisions for his kids). You also find out how […]


All of a sudden, I got a bunch of interviews sent to me all at the same time. I’ve read all of them, and I have to say, there’s some really good stuff here. Make sure and check them all out: Rock Confidential interview with Ronnie James Dio Metal interview with Tony Martin Kerrang […]

Master of the Moon Reviews

Got a couple of Master of the Moon reviews too, check ’em out: Metal Invader – They give it 5/6, rating it “Buy or Die”. Electric Basement – They give it 4.5/5.

Iommi’s DEP Sessions is out – Go Get it!

The album formerly known as Eighth Star has now been released! Available legally as “The 1996 DEP Sessions“, this solo album from Tony Iommi was originally recorded in 1996 (from July to December). It features Glenn Hughes on vocals. Glenn has made a previous appearance in Sabbath’s back history, that being the 1986 Sabbath album […]

Tony Iommi’s Daughter

Something that’s always come up over the years is questions of the various Sab member’s offspring. Ozzy’s are rather well known, but the other guys are more secretive. I know of Bill Ward’s kids, but at the request of Bill, I don’t talk about them. Tony Iommi has also been pretty secretive. He mentioned in […]