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Wow. I mean WOW.

Read this. This is just mind blowing to me. P.S. I’ve been out sick for the last several days, hence no updates, but I had to pop in and mention this story. That’s just amazing to me.

Dio’s Holy Diver to be Reissued – FINALLY!

In something that I know a lot of people have been waiting for, the first (and a lot of people would argue the best) Dio album, Holy Diver, is to be reissued on September 30th. Check out this news story from HOLY DIVER’ SET TO BE RE-ISSUED SEPTEMBER 30: It has now been confirmed […]

Tony Martin’s “Scream” Delayed till 2006

Noticed an update on Tony Martin’s Website today regarding the state of affairs with him. The short of it is that his album has been delayed into early 2006 now. Here’s the relevant text: Mostly the industry is working on Novembers releases right now, the problem with that is it’s the season of silly songs!! […]

Sabbath bows out of Columbus OH gig, too

Oz’s sickness continues to derail Black Sabbath. I was just made aware that Black Sabbath will not be playing the Columbus OH Ozzfest gig. That makes three in a row now, so one has to think, is this the last cancelled gig? I don’t have any information about that, but my gut feeling says there […]