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Still backlogged, but…

… I’m making progress. I have some other things to clear up before I tackle the pile of submissions for the recent shows. I will get to that some time this week, but I do not know when exactly. In the meantime, I got a few people sending me this picture, thought it was worth […]

I’m back, but…

I’m back from my vacation, however, I’m horribly backlogged due to some family issues, as well as my day job duties. I will get caught up as soon as possible. Please continue to send reviews and pictures, they will get used when I’m caught up. Thanks for visting.

Tony Iommi Signature Humbucker

Gibson Strings & Accessories unveils the new Tony Iommi Signature Humbucker! Gibson Strings & Accessories, based in Elgin, IL (a division of Gibson Musical Instruments), announces a new collaboration with Tony Iommi, lead guitarist of Black Sabbath, one of Heavy Metal’s reigning pioneers. The result is the new Gibson “Tony Iommi Signature” humbucking pickup. Tony […]

I’m headed out of town

Just a short note to say that after today I’m going to be out of town on vacation with family. Due to this, I won’t be answering any emails or updating the site at all. I will catch up when I return in a week. Please continue to send in reviews and emails, they will […]

Digital Distribution Info on “The Dio Years”

Here is some information I can pass on that I was just given about about digital distribution, and other related items regarding the launch of “The Dio Years” in roughly a week and a half: March 26 – Premiere of “Ear in the Wall” [ Link ]Starting Monday, March 26, go to to hear […]

Win free Heaven & Hell Tickets

I just posted information about how to score some free tickets to a Heaven & Hell show over at Geezer Butler’s website. If you haven’t been able to get tickets, then you’re probably going to want to check this out. Head over to for all the details.

Heaven And Hell Poster Contest

They’re back! The ultimate heavy metal icons have reunited and want you to design a Black Sabbath – The Dio Years – Heaven and Hell poster to coincide with the release of their new anthology, Black Sabbath: The Dio Years. Grand Prize: 2 tickets to a show on the U.S. tour where you’ll meet and […]

Black Sabbath Canadian Tour Date Commercial

I’ve gotten a boatload of emails about a TV commercial currently airing in Canada for the Heaven & Hell tour. So that people will stop emailing me asking if I know about it, here’s a file I found on Youtube..

Guitar World Magazine

Guitar World Magazine has a new issue out which is of particular interest to Sabbath fans. It’s the May 2007 issue, and has Tony on the cover as one of their three “Living Legends” guitarists (along with Jimmy page & Angus Young). In the email I received the magazine, they included this short text about […]

The Devil Cried Single now available

Finally, after a short delay, the Devil Cried single from the forthcoming “The Dio Years” album is available. I saw it myself (and bought it too) on iTunes, and overnight I got a report from Sabs fan Jeremy Bowers that it is available on the Microsoft Zune service, too. So head out and buy it. […]