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Tony Iommi Issues a Health Update

Just a day or so after I posted my “non update update”, Tony Iommi goes and issues an update on his situation over on his own website.  Just posted tonight (or tomorrow morning in the UK), there’s this message from Tony, which sounds promising.  As someone who has had a family member go through the EXACT […]

A Tribute to Tony Iommi

Was going through some pictures last night, and got stuck on pictures of Tony Iommi.  To that, I decided to throw some of them together in a tribute video.  No particular reason, just thought it’d be something cool to do. I know the way the Internet works, some people will assume that because he’s having […]

A Non Update Update

I’ve seen a lot of posts and messages asking for some sort of update on Tony Iommi.  Some of them beliggerant – that he “owes” Sabbath fans an update.    Bah. I wanted to post this in response to all of that.  There is no update.  If you know anyone who has ever gone through […]