A Tribute to Tony Iommi

Was going through some pictures last night, and got stuck on pictures of Tony Iommi.  To that, I decided to throw some of them together in a tribute video.  No particular reason, just thought it’d be something cool to do.

I know the way the Internet works, some people will assume that because he’s having cancer treatments, and I do a “tribute” video, it must mean that there’s some hidden meaning regarding his health.  If you think that way, don’t.  This is just something this fan felt like throwing together last night for shits & giggles.

Check it out:


  1. A very nice tribute! I like the way you have used Iommi’s face as a centre point of the gallery.

  2. MERCI !!!
    tres bonne idée.

  3. Philadelphia Music Store says

    these guys started it all.

  4. Joe,any tribute you want to do of Tony Iommi(for any reason) is fine by me.Anyone who makes a deal out of it is overly sensitive.You have done a great thing with this sight.IF PEOPLE DON’T LIKE HOW YOU DO IT,THEY CAN MAKE THEIR OWN WEBSITE.I hope the people making hateful posts will grow up someday.Your website is the most accurate of the Sabbath websites.I agree with you on the fact Mr. Tony Iommi doesn’t owe anyone anything.

    Tony Iommi is the best on heavy metal guitar.I am glad the Doom and Stoner Metal genre has preserved the true Iommi guitar sound of metal.As much as i like the 9 million versions of Speed Metal,it’s not truly Sabbath inspired.It sounds like a mix of Punk,Hardcore,and Progressive.So the Doom,Gothic,and Stoner Metal bands have it right.How fast someone plays does not determine talent .It impresses me none!

  5. Good job!

  6. Victor Arduini says

    Great Idea !! Great Job !! Helped to take our minds off things we have no control… God Bless Tony Iommi !!

  7. Tedio Alameda says

    Awesome tribute. Awesome job Joe. Wishing Tony the best.

  8. Nice tribute! where is that music track from?

  9. TomOzzy123 says


  10. Monte Self says

    Very Cool !

  11. Jeff Downing says

    its a neat effect seeing his face over time. Most influential guitarist for me ever. Very nice, if oddly showing many of the rather less flattering 80s renditions…. Is that track from The Shadows tribute? The production has that generic 80s production and is that a drum machine? :/ Anyway fun pics and interesting ride for sure.

  12. Great Job-Tribute to Iron Man and Iron Man’s fans.

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