A few weeks ago, I posted a Tony Iommi tribute video, and I was asked what the song on there was.   As was noted in the comments, the track is called “Miranha”, and it was recorded around 1990 during the time of the Tyr sessions.  It’s a track that was created for a compilation album on IRS.  My memory was a bit flaky about who is actually on the track, so I wrote this to Geoff Nicholls:

Hey, did you play on that rogue track?   Memory says Tony played guitar and bass, but what about drums and keys?  Do you remember?  (assuming it was you on keys)

Geoff wrote me back and said this about the track.  Thought I’d pass it on.

Hi Joe

I should think so as I helped to write it.
but did not get credited Cozy played drums
We did the Backing track at Rich Bitch Me and Cozy in Birmingham
Tony did his guitars in Liverpool
He had some overdubs to do on a track on the Tyr album
So we enjoyed a few days in a nice studio up there
Great track on the Guitar Speak album for IRS
I just played it to some friends of mine on Saturday.
Cheers Geoff


  1. Is it any wonder?It is not suprising Geoff would leave and join Tony Martin’s band.Who wants to stay hidden behind a curtain on stage?He has been treated very badly by Tony Iommi.It does not suprise me he wouldn’t get credit on something.In the years of Sabbath,he has been pushed aside by Ozzy,Tony,and Geezer.This is something I cannot approve of under any circumstance.This is pitiful,to say the least.

  2. Yes. I have the cassette tape with the song and always liked the song.

  3. “Miranha” was on the second Guitar Speak compilation album put out by IRS Records. I had the first volume when it first came out, but never got the second volume with Tony’s track on it. Good luck finding a copy for sale now. The first volume was decent, but not overwhelming.

    As for Geoff Nichols, he was gainfully employed by Iommi for almost 20 years, so I don’t feel that sorry for him. He was probably a salaried employee, and I’m guessing his contract didn’t entitle him to songwriting credits or publishing royalties. I believe even Tony admits in his book that Geoff contributed to the songwriting. He wouldn’t have said that if there was any doubt about Geoff’s contractual rights.

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