Bloody Valentine

A few weeks ago I happened upon a song that was released in Feb 2013 that I completely missed.  It features an artist I had never heard of called Layla Milou, and our own Tony Martin.  The track is called “Bloody Valentine”.  I’ve never claimed I know everything, but my totally missing the track surprised me, as I usually know about most everything that is going on.

Tony Martin and Layla Milou

I asked Tony about it, saying “I’d like to mention it, but I don’t know anything about it.   Anything you can tell me would be helpful.”  He sent me back this text which he allowed me to reproduce.   So check out his short story about this song, and the video below.

About the song (by Tony Martin)

The story is misunderstood actually, its supposed to be a father telling a daughter he went through the same loss of love when he was her age and understands what she is saying but it kinda comes across like the old dude is trying to get off with the young girl hehehe … not the case, in fact the video of me with the young girl is me and my REAL daughter when she was 3 years old ….

I was asked to take part in the song and video … i was happy enough to oblige … and we became pretty good friends … Layla’s husband did all the video shoot and actually produced the track too … he was working with EMI for some years and is very knowledgeable about the industry ..

Layla’s voice is hard to get around .. you either like it or dont … for me it was cool to be working with a young artist from Germany.

I got an award for reaching number one in the download charts with this!

Bloody Valentine


  1. Oh man. Thanks for posting this. I’m going now through my usual Tony Martin period. Happens to me several times a year. And I feel like there’s not really enough of TM out there. So much obliged. Thank you. And all hail Tony Martin now!

  2. Anthony St James says

    I like it. Nice commercial ‘Goth’ tune.

  3. toddkeener says

    I found it rather refreshing, very understandable that some people might get thrown by her voice it is very distinct, personally that’s what I like about her voice. Honestly I can’t really be inparchal, I’m completely taken with Tony Martins voice, the only other person I can even think of to compare him to fairly would be Ian Gillian. I love that bluesy/rock vocal that they have.

    In closing loved the track thank you
    Todd L Keener

  4. Brian Metcalfe says

    truly enjoyed this duet,like going back in time and returning to the present Black Sabbath 4ever with Tony Martin and Layla Milou

  5. Hey, Joe, you may know this by now, but Bloody Valentine is available on iTunes Mexico. You have two options: you can buy either the sinlge mix (4:11) or the extended mix (4:45). Or you can have both for less than a couple of bucks. I’m gonna have both as soon as I can (due to the usual cash shortage…). Let’s wait for that Tony Martin new album soon…

  6. It's Pronounced Seer-up, not Sir-up says

    Good song, and it’s only a generous 69 cents on iTunes.

  7. You see? This is why I really don’t buy the whole anti-T.M thing. Granted, this isn’t really anything to do with Sabbath, other than it’s former frontman, but still. Power, control. I think the lass singing is pretty good, too. I know the point has been laboured elsewhere, but Tony Iommi really should consider another album with T.M. Despite the hype, ’13’ is instantly forgettable (in my opinion). Give T.M another crack. There are many of us who would love it – even if it’s called ‘Return Of The Tonies’, and not Sabbath – I’d trade my copy of ’13’ in a heartbeat.

  8. Matt Dennett says

    Glad to see tony at work. I would love to see him get another shot with Tony Iommi, even if it wasn’t “Sabbath”. I reckon a new album with T.I would do very well, i would certainly buy it. Reading into how he has been treated in the Sabbath camp in the past it would put matters right and acknowledge his previous input. Plus he comes across as a genuine nice guy, but we all know the world isn’t made for genuine nice guys these days. Come on T.I, lets see another quality album with T.M.

  9. Thomas Johnson says

    You “happened upon”? Ummm..thanks.

  10. Chad Wardle says

    I absolutely loved this track very cool

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