Cozy Powell Memorial Plaque

A memorial plaque dedicated to Cozy Powell will be unveiled in his home town of Cirencester on January 7, reports local newspaper. The town council decided to create the plaque to commemorate the town’s most famous musician. The plaque will be installed at the Corn Hall, which now serves as a community center. The event will be attended by Cozy’s friends and collaborators, including our own Don Airey, plus Tony Iommi, Brian May, Suzy Quatro, Tony Martin, Neil Murray, and Bernie Marsden. [Side note: just add a drummer and they can have a decent jam going…] The reception will include memorabilia display and performances by local musicians. Plans are being made to film the event for Dance With The Devil documentary on Cozy’s life, currently in production.

What: Unveiling of memorial plaque for Cozy Powell
When: January 7, 2016, at 2:30 pm
Where: Corn Hall & Assembly Room, 26 Market Pl, Cirencester, UK

Thanks to “The Highway Star“.


  1. What Really Jumps out at me about this is the Fact that Tony Iommi and Tony Martin will be there….
    Perhaps they can bury the hatchet and something can come of this for those two…
    i dont know if the Two of them have even Really talked in the last bunch of years…
    Also Glad they are Honoring Cozy of course….
    Happy new Year Joe… and thanks for all you have done over the Years…

  2. Matt Dennett says

    Tony Martin states no one from the Sabbath has spoken to him at all since he was ousted to make room for the Ozzy reunion back in ’97. I dont think there’s a hatchet to bury as such, Martin has always wished the band well, but he does seem to have been wiped from the history, a bit like Bill has, which is very petty and ungrateful I think. I am still enjoying the TM albums with Sabbath very much,and I too would love to see him team up with TI again even if its just for a studio album. It would put things right. Lets hope it happens after this mammoth tour with Ozzy and Geezer. TI has stated himself he is still up for recording and still has tonnes of riffs stockpiled waiting….bring it on!

  3. Matt Dennett says

    I have the dvd of Rainbow live in ’77, with RJD, Bob Daisley and David Stone. Cozy’s drumming on this show is excellent. He is machine like, especially on the double bass lick parts. Glad I saw him live twice on the HC tour and Tyr tour in the UK. I remember his drum solo alongside the classical backing track being thunderous!

  4. Jeremy James says

    A friend of mine said she went to school with Cozy and he got her tickets to a White snake gig.she says he was from New Zealand is this true? Or was he just born here.I’ve been to the end tour recently in Auckland.

  5. Robert Cam says

    Cozy will always be the best drummer Sabbath has ever had…!!!
    May he rest in peace and Heaven…!!!!

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