Farewell on Nov 22nd, eh?

Black Sabbath File Photos

So I got a text message from a friend of mine this afternoon saying this..  “Crap!! Not going to Japan! :(”  After a few subsequent texts asking what the hell he’s talking about, it turns out a story broke this afternoon saying that “Black Sabbath will do a farewell concert on Nov 22nd as part […]

Geezer Butler Arrested


… for a bar brawl of all things.   Ol guy’s still got it in him, eh?

Randy Rhoads Tribute CD

Randy Rhoads Tribute CD

Caught news of this a few days ago, and realized I forgot to post it, so here I am.  There’s a Randy Rhoads tribute CD coming out next month, and it looks to be interesting.  It doesn’t have Zakk Wylde on it, which is a little bit of a surprise, but overall, I like the […]

Tony Iommi issues Cancer Update


My first news story of the year is one that talks about a not fun subject at all.  Tony Iommi’s cancer. While I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and requests (and even DEMANDS, if you can believe that) for Tony to record, tour, basically do the same thing as he’s always done..   This […]

Tony’s CSI Music

Tony Iommi

Sabbath fan Philipp B sent me a note on Twitter saying he happened upon the music that Tony Iommi created for the CSI episode that aired here in the US a week ago or so.  That was cool, as I hadn’t heard it yet.

Adam Wakeman’s Masterclass

Adam Wakeman Sabbath 2013

Adam Wakeman has been the keyboardist for Black Sabbath now since 2005 when he first played on the Ozzfest shows.  Every Black Sabbath show since then has had Adam on the keyboards, mostly behind the stage.   He’s also played and co-written on the last few Ozzy solo albums, too – so if you’re a […]

My 1984 Hard Rock / Metal Likes


George Orwell reference aside, there’s something that occurred to me tonight.   1984 was a big year for hard rock/metal.  Earlier in the year, I pointed out that Van Halen’s 1984 album turned 30 (on January 9th).  I also saw that another band I follow online (Quiet Riot) pointed out they have an album that […]

Tony Iommi & CSI


If you remember, there was some promotion with the CBS TV show, CSI where Black Sabbath played (mimed) in the episode, and Ozzy had a short speaking role.  Anyway, they must have remembered this, as Tony Iommi recently announced that a short music composition of his will appear in the November 9th episode of the […]

A new Sabbath album in 2015? Well…

Black Sabbath Live 2013

This morning my inbox exploded with people telling me about a story going around that Black Sabbath is going to start recording a new album in 2015.   Lets look at that, eh?

Ozzy’s Memoirs of a Madman

Memoirs of a Madman

A week ago or so, I got word that there was to be a new Ozzy compilation called “Memoirs of a Madman”.  This will be a  single CD audio greatest hits album and a 2 DVD package.  Both containing separate material.   This post will detail what’s going on with them.

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