A new Sabbath album in 2015? Well…

Black Sabbath Live 2013

This morning my inbox exploded with people telling me about a story going around that Black Sabbath is going to start recording a new album in 2015.   Lets look at that, eh?

Ozzy’s Memoirs of a Madman

Memoirs of a Madman

A week ago or so, I got word that there was to be a new Ozzy compilation called “Memoirs of a Madman”.  This will be a  single CD audio greatest hits album and a 2 DVD package.  Both containing separate material.   This post will detail what’s going on with them.

Appice Brothers Drum Wars Clinic

Appice Brothers

There’s an upcoming drum clinic featuring former Ozzy band drummer Carmine Appice, and former Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice.  Thought some might be interested in it, so I’m passing along the details from a press release that made its way to me the other day.  Check it out:

Bill Ward Interview – May 2014

Bill Ward Gallery Showing 2

Tonight I’m bringing you a site exclusive.  This past weekend, Bill Ward held his Absence of Corners art gallery show in Anapolis, MD.   To that, my friend Damian (who does a lot of the work on the forums here) interviewed Bill.  Last night I posted a sneak peek of the audio, and tonight I’m […]

Bill Ward Interview Preview

Bill Ward Gallery Showing 2

As you probably know, yesterday and today Bill Ward is in Annapolis, MD for a gallery exhibit of his Absence of Corners art.  To that, I had my man Damian interview Bill Ward earlier today right when the second show was getting started.  It was most kind of Bill and his folks to agree to […]

Cassette Tape Set


Last weekend, I had a cool submission from Daniel Renna – he’s got more today.  Something I don’t believe I’ve ever seen before.  It was a cassette tape box set of the four of the first five Black Sabbath albums.  Check it out:

Photos from 1992


I got an email the other day from Sab fan Daniel Renna sending me some photos from Sabbath’s tour in 1992.   Here’s what he had to say about the photos he sent in:

Headless Cross Cover

Headless Cross

It’s fitting that on the week of the 25th anniversary I discover a new cover.  The Italian band “Hollow Haze” has a cover of the title track from the “Headless Cross” album.  This came out a couple of years ago, but I’d never heard of it before today.   Check it out, the video is […]

Happy 25th Headless Cross!

Headless Cross

I don’t have time to write one of the giant 5,000 word essays at this time, but I didn’t want to let this anniversary pass.  Today is the 25th anniversary of the Headless Cross album, originally released back in 1989.  While technically the second Tony Martin era album, it felt like the “first” to me, […]

Some Thoughts on “Complete Albums” Box

The front cover of the box - closed

Earlier this week, Rhino released a box set called “Black Sabbath: The Complete Albums 1970-1978″ on CD.   As I said earlier on this site, and on Twitter, this is effectively the audio from 2004’s “Black Box” just reprinted.  After having it in my hands for a few days now, this is indeed what it […]