Archives for January 2004

Tony Iommi to release Eighth Star Album

Monday morning here brings some very welcome news, and something that when I found out about it came as a shock, as I was not expecting this to actually happen, tell you the truth. I got word that Tony Iommi intends on releasing what’s commonly known as the “Eighth Star bootleg”. This material was recorded […]

Old Quartz Album to be Re-Released

In another entry in the lost recordings department comes the news that the old first Quartz album in early 2004. Quartz is notable because it was the band that Geoff Nicholls was in before he hooked up with Tonu Iommi & Black Sabbath. The album was produced by Tony Iommi, and also features longtime friend […]

Winners of Book Trivia Contest

I’m sorry for the delay in posting the winners of my contests back in November. Lots of delays with the holidays and all that. Here’s the winning answers: 1. Q: What was the original name of the song “Seventh Star”? (The song, not the album) A: Star of India 2. Bob Daisley & Eric Singer […]