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She’s Gone

From time to time I see cover versions of Black Sabbath songs crop up. Generally I give ’em a pass, but this one seemed more interesting (to me) than most. Check this out. It’s a cover of the “She’s Gone” song from Technical Ecstasy – but in Czech! Look at this video: Here’s what I […]

Tony Martin Update

Noticed a short Tony Martin update this morning, thought I’d pass it along. “I had hoped that I’d been doing more shows this year since I hooked up with a Canadian agent but it didn’t work out, so I’m going to be concentrating on a new album instead. I already have some things in mind […]

An email from Heaven & Hell

Wanted to pass this along. I received an email from a Heaven & Hell spokesperson on behalf of the band. They had this to say about the non inclusion of “Neon Knights” the last couple of nights. Here it is: The band would like to apologize for not having played Neon Knights in Jones Beach […]

What the hell happened to Technical Ecstasy?

As most of you know, I’ve done several articles based on individual Black Sabbath albums. I recently ran across an article done by Dan Marsicano on the 1976 release, “Technical Ecstasy”. It’s an often overlooked album, so I wrote Dan, and received permission to replicate his article here. Check it out: Welcome, all my followers, […]

First night Pics are in

Some pictures have been sent in from the opening night on the Metal Masters tour. Thanks to Damian Muziani for the photography and the submission. A reminder again that if you attend one of the shows, I’m doing something different with concert reviews this time. I’m asking that you submit them directly on the individual […]

Tour Starts Tonight!

Well, tonight is opening night of the 2008 Metal Masters Tour. From what I’ve heard regarding set lists, and the stage, it looks to be a great show! As usual, I will take all pictures and concert reviews people want to write. This time around, I’m doing something a little different. I’ve revamped the 2008 […]