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Heaven & Hell now on Twitter

I just got word from Rhino records that Heaven & Hell is now on Twitter! I’ve been told that this really is the band, and that the first updates are from Ronnie. I was also told Tony & Geezer are going to get into it too. Knowing Geezer’s penchant for goofiness, it wouldn’t surprise me […]

Bible Black Single Released

We still have about a month to go until the full new album, but the first single is released today. This is “Bible Black”, Track 3 from the album. To your right here is the official artwork sent to me from Rhino for the album. You can buy the song via DRM free downloads from […]

Digital Distribution Update

Since I posted the story last week about the entire old Black Sabbath back catalogue from 1970 through 1987 being available on places like iTunes and whatnot, I’ve decided to look into it a bit deeper. As most of you know (or should, anyway) back in the day there were two primary distribution deals. In […]

Black Sabbath Back Catalog to be available digitally

Thanks to Tim over at bravewords for pointing this out to me… I am currently trying to find out whether this means it will be available in the US versions of iTunes and Amazon’s MP3 store, or just their UK counterparts. Given the albums cover from 1970-1987, this is the old European distribution stuff, the […]

The Devil You Know on Roadrunner in Europe

I’ve gotten a lot of emails (nee complaints) from fans in Europe wanting to know what’s going on with distribution of “The Devil You Know”. Amazon UK’s site has had it for sale, but only as an import. I just got word less than 10 minutes before posting this that the deal for Europe has […]

Full Stream of “Bible Black”

Short and sweet. Heaven & Hell has a full version stream of the first single from the new album up on their official Myspace page. Go check it out here:

Selling some of my merchandise stash

Hey gang. As some of you may know, my wife and I are going to be welcoming our second child, and my first son into the world this June. To that, I’m having to clean out my home office, as this will become the kid’s room. Some of the stuff I’ve been sitting on for […]

Oh Dear

And people wonder why there wasn’t a new album with Ozzy when he was behind the mike from 1997 through 2006. I think stuff like this was more interesting to him. Check this out.

The Devil You Know Cover Art [ UPDATE ]

Last night the cover art for the new Heaven & Hell studio album, “The Devil You Know” was released. After looking at it for awhile, I found a major typo. I mean a really REALLY huge one. I don’t know how they missed it. I’ve corrected the artwork, and have posted it below. Check it […]

The Devil You Know Cover Art Officially Released

Well, the official cover art for the new studio album has been released. Turns out it’s mostly the same as the leaked one from a week ago. At that time, I was told it was not exactly the same, and that appears to be the case here. It pretty much mostly looks the same as […]