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Devil You Know Cover Art?

I’ve avoided this story for two days now due to my inability to verify the information in it, but now that it is starting to make it’s way around music news sites, I thought I should say something. A couple of days ago, the image below first appeared on my site’s forums, posted there by […]

Black Rain

Random comment. I broke out Black Rain today. I had forgotten how much I liked this album. There’s some good musical construction to this one. Go get it out and listen again.

Distribution News

There’s a couple of releases coming out in the next month (The 3 Disc Paranoid, and the new studio album). That part is not news. What is news was something I found out yesterday, part of which is probably going to irritate some fans. The 3 Disc Paranoid Release: This has been talked about for […]

Poll Results

Normally I don’t run poll results as a news story, but the results of the current poll surprised me. The poll that I just closed ran from Dec 3, 2008 through till March 1, 2009. The question was this: Would you rather the new album be called Heaven & Hell or Black Sabbath? I offered […]

Paranoid 3 Disc Reissue Update

Got an interesting link sent to me tonight by Norwegian journalist Roy Hilmar Svendsen. It’s an interview with Tony Iommi talking about the three CD Paranoid release due in April. The page itself is in Norwegian (auto translate to English here by Google). Roy was kind enough to send me over a direct English translation […]