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Heaven & Hell Fan Reaction Video

Second up in our series of videos from the final gig on the tour in Atlantic City is available now. The first video was put online last night (and was an interview with Ronnie James Dio). This video focuses on some of the fans that Damian ran into in the concert hall, and at places […]

Ronnie James Dio Video Interview

The 2009 “The Devil You Know” tour is over now. As you probably have heard by now, Tony Iommi needs some surgery, and from what I can gather, that’s part of the reason the tour is ending now. They didn’t come to where I am, and it’s a pretty regular stop (Dallas, Texas). Anyway, my […]

Heaven & Hell vs Britney Spears

This is freakin hysterical. Found a concert review story on where they talk about the differences between Heaven & Hell and Britney Spears. I’m not going to post the whole thing, you need to head over to newscreep and read it, but check this part. Made me laugh. ESPECIALLY when coupled with the picture […]

Saturday Night’s Concert

A quick comment about the final gig on the TDYK tour, which is Saturday night in Atlantic City.. I was informed that it’s a 21 and over concert. If you’re under 21, you’re not going to be admitted. While it was not specifically stated, I have to believe the reason for the restriction is that […]

Some HUGE Heaven & Hell Advertising

I was poking around Google Street View this afternoon, and looking at places I do business with, and/or buildings where some of my friends work. I hit the building in Burbank, CA where the Warner Bros / Rhino offices are. When I saw the building, I saw they had this massive side wall advertising area. […]

The Devil You Know Second Single [UPDATE]

The first single from the new 2009 album was “Bible Black”. The song was pretty darned good, and now word comes out that the second single has been chosen. That track is “Follow the Tears”. After I read that news, I hit up my contacts at Rhino records and asked them a few questions about […]

Black Sabbath 2 CD Deluxe Edition Video Review

It’s been pointed out to me several times in email that I have never said anything about the new “Deluxe Edition” versions of the first three albums. That’s right, but if you’ve been following my site, I’ve had some heavy “real life” situations get in the way. Today I’m changing that. I’ve posted not just […]

Tony Iommi Needs Hand Surgery

A few years back, Tony Iommi had to have surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome. When I talked with him backstage after a 2007 concert, I asked him how he was doing with that, and said it was fine, didn’t seem to be an issue. A little while ago, I had heard on the grapevine that […]

Geezer Butler PETA Testimony

While I’m personally not a vegetarian, I ran across this video of Geezer Butler giving his testimony on why he doesn’t eat meat, and hasn’t since age 8. Unlike a lot of Peta videos, there’s no overt “shock imagry” to the thing, so if that kind of thing turns you off (like it does me), […]