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Happy Birthday Tony Martin!

      A lot of Black Sabbath sites/pages talk about the time with Ozzy Osbourne. Most of them talk about the Ronnie James Dio era, too. It’s very few that talk about the Tony Martin era, let alone celebrate it. Not this place. I’m a fan of the Tony Martin era of the band. Despite […]

Guitar Hero 5 Black Sabbath Giveaway

Back in January, I announced that three master tracks of Black Sabbath’s (After Forever, Sweet Leaf, & Into the Void) were going to be released for the Guitar Hero 5 game back in February. That didn’t happen (for reasons I never found out), but I’m writing to say that the tracks will now be released […]

New Ozzy Single – “Let Me Hear You Scream”

Noticed this morning that the new Ozzy Osbourne single is floating around out there. The track name is “Let Me Hear You Scream”. The album is entitled “Scream” (which was way better than the unfortunate first choice of “Soul Sucka”). The album is due out June 15th, and while it’s not available for pre-order yet, […]


I decided today that I probably should have a Twitter account to go with this site, so I’ve gone and done that. If you want to follow the tweets I make about this site and Sabbath in general, you can do so at the following location: My plan is to post updates to the […]