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Those who have followed me and this site for some time now know I’m a big fan of the band’s ENTIRE history.  Not just one part of it.  The band’s been around since 1968 in some version or another, and in all that time, there’s been about 31 people play (officially) under the banner of Black Sabbath, be it in the studio or live.   I point this out, because the era with Tony Martin as vocals doesn’t get near the attention it should.  Granted, the fact that almost all of that era’s albums are out of print doesn’t help, but still..

I wanted to draw your attention to the Tony Martin Band.  Tony this morning posted a picture on his Facebook page, and made an announcement that the Tony Martin band looks like it’s getting back into action.   Here’s what Tony posted, along with the photo.

May i inroduce the new 2012 band, Tony Martin’s Headless Cross…. Danny Needham, Geoff Nicholls, Dario Mollo, Myself, and Magnus Rosen. We have one appearance planned this year at the end of July on the east coast of England. More details to follow.

Tony’s been in need of a new solo album for awhile now.  Even if he doesn’t do that, his playing live will keep alive his era of Black Sabbath tracks – something that’s criminally missing these days.   This is pretty much the same incarnation of the band from the last time we saw them, with one exception.  The bassist is different.  The new guy is Magnus Rosen, that Tony tells me comes from the band Hammerfall.

As a side note Dario Mollo and Tony recently released the most excellent “The Third Cage” album, which if you’ve never checked out..  Well, why the frig not?   I mean, check this out:

Buy in US | Buy in UK ]

Right now the 2012 incarnation of Tony’s band has just one gig scheduled later in 2012 – Tony says there’s more planned, but it all can’t be announced yet.  Given what happened last time the band tried to tour, he’s probably holding off for good reason.  I’m certainly hopeful they will do something more than just the single gig.  I’ll dream that they’ll play the US, but I’ll take the band’s existence first.  :)   And if they do tour, they need to bring back the Sabbath track, “What’s the Use?”


  1. Ben Gonzales says

    I dig the Tony Martin era. This is the time when “I was Sabbath, when Sabbath wasn’t cool”. Eternal Idol is q good album, however, they really hit the ground running with Headless Cross and I think Cross Purposes is the most soulful (if you will) Sabbath album ever. On Joe’s advice I will start looking into TM’s solo and “other than Sabbath stuff”. Hope one day he will bring “Headless” to the states. I will say to Tony Martin, THANK YOU, you helped resurrect Sabbath at a desperate time. Where were you in 84??

    God Bless Black Sabbath


  2. Damn Joe…that’s a killer track! I’ll have to follow up

  3. Jonas Olsson says

    Fan vad kul att läsa detta, jag/vi har saknat dig ett tag nu Magnus!! Hoppas att ni spelar in en ny platta, och att ni gör någon spelning i Sverige.

    Heavy Metal, RULES!!!!!

    RJD is GOD!!!!

  4. Niklas Åqvist says

    Tony is amazing. I was fortunate to see the band back in 2005 in Sweden. One of the best gigs I’ve ever attended. Also got the opportunity to meet both Tony and Geoff Nicholls. Terrific persons as well as musicians. If you get the chance to see the Tony Martin band live, then go and see then. You won’t get disappointed!
    Hail TM! \m/

    /Niklas Åqvist
    (“Niklas” on the Black Sabbath forums)

  5. Thanks for posting that, I seem to have missed this album. Video looks decent enough although I can’t believe how Tony has changed…

  6. People who don’t give Martin era Sabbath a chance are only cheating themselves. Cross Purposes is one of my all- time favorite albums. I’d love to see this band make it. Like you said those Martin era songs need to be kept alive.

    • Tony martin Fan Aaron says

      I like most of the Tony Martin era of black sabbath and his solo material as well.While Cross purposes was a decent album,The Forbidden album is much more heavier/doomier sounding and stronger.Iommi played some heavy riffs and some great guitar solos on this album and its very under rated.Had the same guitar riffs and playing been done with Dio singing it would have sounded like a very classic Black Sabbath album.The Cross Purposes album was very weak imo even with geezer playing bass.

  7. That’s actually quite surprising, really good stuff, will definitely be buying this album!

  8. Sabbath with Martin is fucking amazing. ‘Cross Purposes’ is one of the best Sabbath albums period.

  9. Danny Mullins says

    After listening to Tony’s track that was provided, I gotta tell ya-I was pleasantly surprised! I’ll definately buy the CD and catch one of his shows if he makes it statewide. Thanks Joe for keeping us posted, keep up the great work sir!

    God Bless,

    Lawton, OK

  10. A really good new !! good surprise from Tony , a group at the height of his talent . Dario Mollo is a fantastic musician . The first good new about the Sabbath ‘s World since the beginning of the year , sure .

  11. So Danny Needham seems to be busy as hell. He is a drummer for Venom who just appeared on 70000 tons of Metal ship in 2012. And in parallel he is drumming and touring for Tony Martin.

  12. Well, I’m really into TM era of BS. Cross Purposes was the FIRST metal / hard rock album I’d listen to. Not to mention, it was my first Black Sabbath record :). I love Tyr, for me it’s the best TM era cd, along with Cross Purposes. Heh, I like even Forbidden (despite the production, still a couple of great songs there). It’s a shame that I don’t know solo / projects Tony Martin was involted into. It’s a good time to check out this stuff.

  13. When I saw this in Facebook yesterday I was really happy… Tony should do a solo album, is one of the best snd most underrated musicians ever.

  14. Bryan Karkosky says

    I was fortunate enough to see the Cross Purposes Tour and the Forbidden Tour in San Francisco.
    It is disapointing to hear that Tony Martin will not be touring so much now due to the expence of the road. I would sure love to see this Headless Cross band. One of my favorite items I own is an autographed european version of the Headless Cross album, signed by Tony Martin, T. Iommi and Cozy Powell.
    I hope this not touring thing is just for the short term and that they will make their way back to the states and hopefully to Texas.

  15. Could not agree more with Joe’s comment about the T.M. version of Black Sabbath, criminally underrated.
    Although the original Sabbath will go down in the history books but gee, there are some great moments on
    “Cross Purposes” “Tyr” and one of my faves “The Eternal Idol”!!

  16. BRING IT ON!!!!!

    Don’t forget us in Holland, Tony.

    Forgive us for that weird woman talking during the beginning of that mazing bootleg of Utrecht Vredenburg : )

    CROSS PURPOSSES, Back Where I Belong, I love your versatility.

  17. Wicked Jeff from Quebec City says

    I’d kill to turn back time to Eternal Idol (I know I’m insane from Tony’s point of view but I love it!); I remember so well listening day in day out to The Shinning video before heading to High School with my Miller’s Hi-Lite sweater on! Those were the days! GREAT news! Crossing my fingers for some date on the EAST Coast (Canada or US will do). \w/.

  18. check out tony with aldo giuntini project 2/3 stellar stuff also with empire and rondinelli all available and all top rocking shit tony martin second only to dio and maybe bruce dickinson in metal vocals his solo album scream is quite good given the lack of production and the fact that he plays the fiddle on it

  19. Tony told me that it has been canceled.

  20. Randy Miller says

    Tony Martin’s place in Sabbath history is criminally overlooked. In America, I think it’s simply because he wasn’t Ozzy and so many people here believe Sabbath=Ozzy. I am fortunate that I got to see him on the “Cross Purposes” tour in February, 1994 (Kalamazoo, Michigan). He had a bad cold but really gave it his all. His work as a vocalist and lyricist stands up well with any other era of Black Sabbath and I can only wish him all success for his future!

  21. Vitta, Heraldo says

    Black Sabath excelent, superb..!!!! Return!!!

  22. zdravím Tě Tony

    nejlepší zpěvák v eře Black Sabbath jsi pro mně Ty desky s tebou miluju Tyr , Eternal Idol ,…fantasie

    díky že jsi s pozdravem Petr Ševčík Ostrava

  23. Will Tony play any live dates in london this year

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