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Next month we will be getting an album of new material from Snakecharmer (that’s also the album’s name), a band made up of some former Whitesnake members (Micky Moody & Neil Murray), as well as a Black Sabbath connection (Neil again, and Adam Wakeman).   I should have some more promotional material available shortly, but […]

Deep Purple Playlist

I had a request or two to post my playlist for Deep Purple.  As it has been known, I tend to want to do these things the RIGHT WAY, which means to cover all eras and all albums.  My Deep Purple list is similar to the list I did for Ronnie James Dio’s career here […]

Tony’s Book in Paperback

A year ago (give or take) Tony Iommi’s autobiography came out.  I wrote about it a bunch, even had a reporter on side for one of the US Book signings (seems funny to say I have a reporter – haha).  You can read all of that here.   As with most books, some time down […]