Archives for March 2004

Ozzy’s Missing Albums

Every once in awhile I get asked what the deal is with Ozzy Osbourne’s 1986 album “The Ultimate Sin” is. When Ozzy remastered his albums for the first time in 1995, this album was part of the remastering sessions. However, when the second round came in April of 2002, “The Ultimate Sin” was deleted from […]

Tony & Ozzy to be on Rockline

Rockline, the nationally (in the US anyway) syndicated radio programme will feature Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne and guitarist Tony Iommi. They will be on the March 31st edition of the programme. The live show begins at 11:30PM Eastern Time, and you can call in to the show with questions by phoning 800-344-7625 (during the […]

Dio Update

A couple of updates about Dio. First is the news that former Dio/Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson is back in Dio replacing long time Dio bassist Jimmy Bain, who left to form his own band; leaving for a “career decision” (whatever that means). The other news is that a new Dio DVD is out today. It’s […]

Future of Black Sabbath?

Recently I’ve been swamped and haven’t had a chance to update like I would. I have a ton of stuff to get through, and when I get backlogged, I don’t generally report on “old” news that happened, but this one is one I think I should. It’s a remark Bill Ward made back in early […]

Minor Black Box Update

Was going through an update I got from Rhino about the Black Box cover art, and it has some clarification as to how the box set will actually look. here’s what they told me. This is a printable-version of the cover (i.e. the white graphics). Those graphics and the title of the box, which is […]

Bob Daisley Update

Was going through some backlogged information I had, and discovered I had a few Bob Daisley updates to let people know about. First up is that Bob has recorded bass tracks for a new Gary Moore album. Joining Bob & Gary was Darrin Mooney from the band “Primal Scream”. Something else of interest to Sab/Ozzy […]

Dio for America

This site appears to be a joke. I asked Tapio Kiehanen about it, and he didn’t know anything either, so I’m conlduing it’s a joke. Still, you should check it out. It appears to be a site to get Ronnie James Dio elected president of the United States. :) Click on the image here to […]

Bill Ward’s Dark Half Hour Released!

This morning Bill Ward released a track from his forthcoming solo album “Beyond Aston” over at his website. The track name is “The Dark Half Hour”. Here’s a message from Bill about the release… Hello everyone, It’s been an extremely busy beginning of the New Year, and I would like to wish you all a […]

Bill Ward to Release Song Online

We know that you’ve been waiting for some information regarding the release of Bill’s third solo album entitled “Beyond Aston“. While we don’t have a release date for you for the CD at this time, we can bring you this news. Bill Ward has decided to release a close master mix of one of the […]