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Where the hell have you been, Siegler?

I wrote this for the issue of my site’s newsletter that went out today. Here we are on Friday, February 24th, 2006. The last issue of the newsletter was sent out on December 23rd, 2005. That’s two months since the last issue. So where have I been? Nowhere, actually. To be honest, right after the […]

Tony Martin & Neil Murray on new Empire Album

Those of you who follow Tony Martin’s career will be interested in this one. As you know, Tony has been one of the more active Sabbath members in terms of recording and releasing. Outside of his own second solo album Scream which was released last year, he’s kept going elsewhere. His latest is the new […]

Iommi & Bevan’s Belch?

I was looking around for some info on Bev Bevan a little while ago, and ran across this link. It talks about a side project that Tony Iommi was in with Bev Bevan simply called “Belch!”. Here’s the relevant bits: Bev has also admitted to being a partner-in-crime with Jasper Carrott and Tony Iommi in […]

Black Sabbath Greatest Hits to be released March 14th

Regular CD Regular CD On March 14th, there will be a new Black Sabbath release. The title of this one is “Greatest Hits (1970-1978)”. As far as I can tell, it appears to be a single disc version of the 2 CD Greatest Hits package from a few years back, “Symptom of the Universe”. If […]

Holy Diver Live to be released April 16th

Coming in April is a new double disc live album from Dio entitled “Holy Diver Live”. OK, Dio’s last release before this one was also a live album, but this will definitely be worthwhile. Why? This was recorded on his “An Evening with Dio” tour last year. What’s that? Well, he played the entire Holy […]

Bill Ward to be a Daddy

I know I just covered this in an update below, but I wanted to take a moment to point out this news… Bill Ward is going to be a father (again). He’s having a boy. This will be his fourth child, he has two sons and one daughter already. Congratulations to Bill and his wife […]

Bill Ward & Black Sabbath Update

Bill has sent in the the 12th edition of his Audio Diary series. This long delayed newest edition (the first in 2006), totaling 29:35 in length is available right now. Here’s some of what Bill had to say in this edition – there’s a few small tidbits specifically about Black Sabbath. Some friends of his […]