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LunarMile Update

Gillan’s Inn Contest Winners

Here are the answers to the Gillan’s Inn contest which ended yesterday. 1) Q: What two Black Sabbath albums does Ian appear on? A: Well, the obvious first one is Born Again (1983). However, the more obscure one is 1996’s “The Sabbath Stones”, which was the final Sab album released on IRS records. One track […]

Gillan’s Inn Giveaway

Earlier today I posted the winners and answers for the Black Sabbath / Dio CD giveaway. This afternoon, I’m here to continue the trend with the new CD from Ian Gillan, “Gillan’s Inn”. In addition to the giveaway, I wanted to tell you a few things about it, too. But before we get to the […]

Contest Winners

Here are the answers to the Black Sabbath & Dio contests from a couple of weeks ago, along with the winners, who will have their CDs mailed out in the next couple of days: Black Sabbath Greatest Hits giveaway: 1) Q: What was the name of the new track Sabbath played live during Ozzfest 2001? […]

Recording with Dave Donato surfaces

Back in 1984 after Ian Gillan left Black Sabbath to go reform Deep Purple, that left Black Sabbath in a quandry. Tony & Geezer were back at square one basically with no singer, and no drummer, as Bev Bevan was only on board for the Born Again tour. So Bill Ward was coaxed back again, […]

Iron Man best Metal Song of all Time

According to VH1, Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” has been voted best metal song of all time. However, their list is incorrect, as they say the song came out in 1971, it didn’t; it was 1970. Here’s VH1’s Top 10 list of metal songs. 01. BLACK SABBATH – “Iron Man” (1971) 02. GUNS N’ ROSES – […]