Archives for December 2010

RIP Cozy Powell

This would have been Cozy’s 63rd birthday today. Knowing him, he’d probably still pull this off quite nicely. Additionally, the Cozy Powell site is undergoing a facelift, it should be launched by the time you see this message. Rest in peace Cozy, it was nice working with you for the short time I did. Temporary […]

Slip Away

If you’ve been frequenting my site for awhile, then you know about Jamie Mallender. He’s the bassist in Tony Martin’s solo band, and also has a few releases of his own. I’m here to let you know that Jamie has a new track out now – it’s been out for a couple of weeks now. […]

Dehumanizer Deluxe Edition Announced

“This is metal boys and girls, no goth, no makeup, no frills, no bullshit, just straight up in your face, knock you on your ass metal.Long live this music, long live Sabbath, and death to your modern day bullshit!” – whammydoom, Youtube comment on TV Crimes video. Coming in February is the next in the […]