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More 2012 Tour Dates

That didn’t take long.  I always assumed it would be longer until more 2012 Tour dates were announced.   This appears to be similar to the 1998 “tour”, when Black Sabbath played a bunch of European festival dates.  This isn’t the full fledged “World Tour” which will commence once the new album actually comes out.   Although..  […]

Quartz is back!

Quartz is back!  Who is Quartz?  They’re a band from the late 70’s that Tony Iommi produced, and their most notable member (to Black Sabbath fans anyway), is Geoff Nicholls.  The guy who played keyboards on 10 studio and 3 live Black Sabbath albums from 1980 through 2004. When he was brought in in 1979 […]

Cozy Powell Documentary Under Production

Apparently, there’s an all new Cozy Powell documentary under production.   It’s just started, so it won’t be out for awhile yet, but, there is a teaser trailer available.  It’s embedded below.   Once we get closer to release, there will be more to say here. A documentary feature uncovering and celebrating the life and work of […]

The Cage 3 Details!

Back in 1999, Tony Martin hooked up with Italian guitarist Dario Mollo to produce a project called “The Cage”.  It proved popular, so a second Cage album came out a few years later in 2002.  But that was it.  Until now.  Announced today is a third Cage album from the Martin / Mollo combination, entited […]

Facebook Screwed Me

Yesterday, Facebook jacked me pretty hard. I had set up a few months back a Facebook page as a companion to this site. I used it to post news there, strike conversation, pretty much that was it. There was less than a dozen pictures, and no video. However, yesterday morning I woke up to find […]

Black Sabbath Reunites!

Mk I is back.  Again. There you go.  All apologies to Kiss…  You wanted it.  You got it.  The best band in the world… At a press conference in Los Angeles this morning at 11:11AM on 11/11/11, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, & Ozzy Osbourne appeared to announce that Black Sabbath Mk I is […]

11 – 11 – 11

On Friday November 4th,’s front page was replaced with the graphic above.   There’s been widespread speculation over the last few months about the original getting back together.  That announcement seems to be a verification of that, but I can’t get any of the relevant managers and whatnot to talk to me about it.  Not […]

Tony Iommi Book Review & News Report

“I will never set fire to Bill Ward again.”   You’ve got to love a book whose last line of text is that, don’t you? I’ve been a Black Sabbath fan since 1981 (30 years, man). Anyway, over the years, I’ve read a ton of interviews, heard a lot of video, listened to many an […]