An Angel is Missing – A Dio Career Retrospective

If you’ve been following me for awhile (and especially on Twitter), you’ll know I like to post playlists.  Given my overall music collection is so gigantic, I generally have a playlist for every band I like.  I’ve posted several of them to twitter.  However, this afternoon when I was thinking about Ronnie James Dio, I […]

Guitar Auction for Dio Cancer Fund

CELEBRITY GUITAR AUCTION TO BENEFIT RONNIE JAMES DIO STAND UP AND SHOUT CANCER FUND Nearly 100 Donated Guitars Will be Auctioned on Saturday, December 1 at 2PM at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills, CA to Raise Money for Dio Cancer Fund

Southern Cross Concert Review – Bergen Norway

Here’s something special.   Most of you know of the Dio Disciples band, carrying on the legacy of Ronnie James Dio.  Heck, I wrote about their concert last Sunday night.  However, they’re not the only band out there doing that right now.   Earlier this year, I wrote about “The Southern Cross“, a band that’s […]

Dio Disciples Concert Review – Nov 4, 2012

On Sunday night, November 4th, I went to see the Dio Disciples band in Dallas.  It was in a really small club named Trees.   I say small, because it’s really the kind of place that’s meant for local bands.  I mean this was SMALL small.   When I saw Black Sabbath on the Cross […]

Dio Pint Glasses Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Gene Kirkland, a photographer by trade about a new project he was involved in.   It’s his new “Rock & Roll By the Pint” series of glasses.  At first, I thought “eh”, it’s just a glass.  But then when he said he’d send me a couple, I […]

The Very Beast of Dio Volume 2 Review

Ronnie James Dio has been gone just about two and a half years now.   His last proper full album of material was the Heaven & Hell Black Sabbath album, “The Devil You Know” in 2009.   The last proper studio album of Dio Band material was 2004’s “Master of the Moon“.   In that […]

The Southern Cross Band Info

In about two and a half weeks, it will be the two year anniversary of the death of Ronnie James Dio.  Ronnie’s life has touched numerous musicians and fans.  A lot of people continue to mourn the loss of Ronnie.   Some of his final band members toured under the moniker of “Dio Disciples” late […]

Dio Deluxe Editions

Today I received a press release for the upcoming Deluxe Edition re-releases of the first three Dio studio albums, “Holy Diver”, “The Last in Line”, & “Sacred Heart”. These three (well, not the third as much) are generally regarded as classics of the genre. I’ve been waiting for a decent re-master of these albums, as […]

Before There was Elf…

Those of you who have been following this site for awhile know of my affinity for trying to present the entire story, not just bits and pieces, or just selected parts.  Well, that’s why this piece is of particular interest to me.  I’ve been following Ronnie James Dio’s career for a long time.  First hopped […]

The Last time I met Ronnie

When Ronnie James Dio died in 2010, I was reminded a lot of the two times I met him face to face. Both were backstage after Heaven & Hell concerts. The first was 2007, and I’ve chronicled that story on this site already, you can read that here.   I never wrote about the second […]