Tony Martin 2012

Those who have followed me and this site for some time now know I’m a big fan of the band’s ENTIRE history.  Not just one part of it.  The band’s been around since 1968 in some version or another, and in all that time, there’s been about 31 people play (officially) under the banner of […]

The Cage 3 Details!

Back in 1999, Tony Martin hooked up with Italian guitarist Dario Mollo to produce a project called “The Cage”.  It proved popular, so a second Cage album came out a few years later in 2002.  But that was it.  Until now.  Announced today is a third Cage album from the Martin / Mollo combination, entited […]

Slip Away

If you’ve been frequenting my site for awhile, then you know about Jamie Mallender. He’s the bassist in Tony Martin’s solo band, and also has a few releases of his own. I’m here to let you know that Jamie has a new track out now – it’s been out for a couple of weeks now. […]

Tony Martin not playing Metalfest

I got a short email earlier today from Tony Martin about his appearance at the Metalfest festival. It said this.. Joe dude Can you announce that I have been removed from the metalfest… I will NOT be appearing on March the 12th with my apologies. Thanks buddy No further details than that.

Return to Bass

As those of you who follow my site know, I like to pay attention to more than just the well known stuff in Black Sabbath’s history. That means more than the Ozzy & Dio eras. I’m partial to the Tony Martin era, and Tony’s solo band has been the only way that era of Black […]

Tony Martin Speaks on cancellation of Headless Cross Tour

Last night, I got an email from Tony Martin with some remarks about the cancellation of the Headless Cross Tour. Before you read Tony’s words, I suggest you re-read the press release announcing the cancellation. Tony’s email: Hi Joe, yeah sadly, the US tour is off. I beleive the wording they want us to use is […]

Headless Cross Tour Cancelled

I just got this press release sent to me a few minutes ago. That’s seriously a bummer. I was told they were already not coming to Dallas, TX (where I live), so I was going to miss it, but I really wanted this tour to come off. Headless Cross Tour 2009 Canceled Former members of […]

The Tony Martin Band to tour the USA

In a move I’ve hoped would happen for some time now, I got word from Tony Martin directly that his band will be touring the USA this summer in July and August. I’ve always wanted to see the TM band, and I’ll (hopefully) finally get the chance. The idea behind the tour is to celebrate […]

Who Put the Devil in Santa?

The Dark seems to stretch out forever And the cold soon gets to your bones You’d think he’d get tired of materialistic junk He has to sneak into peoples homes. While the people of the war torn desert Get nothing but wishes at best It seems Saint Nicholas only gets time to take Riches and […]

New Tony Martin Album

Caught this news this morning over at Blabbermouth about a new Tony Martin album… Tony Martin has tapped Tom Galley of Phenomena fame to produce his next solo album, “Book of Shadows”, tentatively due next year. Martin states, “It’s great to have Tom on board especially since he is getting over the death of his […]