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Black Sabbath / Depeche Mode Connection?

This past week, I got an email asking me something I had never seen before. It was in relation to the Born Again cover art. They had asked me if I knew anything, because the cover art for Black Sabbath’s Born Again and the Depeche mode single “New Life”. Let’s get right to the pictures […]

Sabbath plays a kids school dance

a story told to Joe Siegler by Phil Oswald I got an email back in April from Phil Oswald telling me he had a rather unique story to tell about Black Sabbath in the early days. I asked him to tell me what the story was, so here is his reply below. Dear Joe, Hi, […]

Iommi to Judge a Guitar

GUITAR WORLD INVITES YOU TO DESIGN YOUR DREAM GUITAR Contest To Be Judged By Guitar Greats Tony Iommi, Joe Perry And Tom Morello; Fender To Build Winning Design New York, NY (May 10, 2004) Every guitarist dreams of designing his own guitar. But unless you’re blessed with the fame, talent or money of a rock […]

Bob Daisley Update

In going through my email this morning, I ran across one from one of my site visitors, Annette Smith from Victoria, Australia. She had quite a few updates on what’s going on with Bob Daisley. Instead of me just translating her email, I’ll just post it as is. Check it out. Joe, I’ve just been […]

We’re Back on a New Server!!

Well, I’m back. It was really scary there for a bit, but I’m back online with my new host, as you can see by this news item. It’s actually a copy of something I wrote for next issue of my newsletter, so that’s why some of it talks about the newsletter. First off, I wanted […]

The New Sabbath Keyboardist

Tonight I was poking around looking to see if I could find any information out about who is playing keyboards for Black Sabbath on the Ozzfest 2004 tour. There’s been no official statement about this on the Ozzfest site, and my queries about whether Geoff is involved were given a polite “no comment”. OK, so […]

Ozzfest Updates

The picture to the right is what’s on the official Ozzfest site when you look up band information on Black Sabbath. It includes Bill Ward. Previously, the same picture was there, but with Bill Ward cropped out. The obvious meaning of this change is that the situation has been worked out with Bill Ward. After […]

Site Hosting Update

I’m still with my old host. Given that my news page is still active, I’m doing this update today. I’ve eyeballed a replacement host for the site, but with the traffic I do, the target will cost me anywhere between $149 and $189 per month in costs – that’s definitely something I cannot afford to […]